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Poor DS Rss

DS fell over earlier today and appeared to knock two of his teeth out (top front on the right and the one to the right of it). We took him to the dentist who, after xrays, said that he hadn't knocked the teeth out, he'd pushed them back up into the gum. Apparently it's a very rare situation because, while one is just inside the gum line, the other is pushed up the furthest the dentist has ever seen. They're concerned that it may not come back down on its own, that it may have become wedged into the bone so he's been referred on to a peadiatric dentist.

The peadiatric dentist has said to bring DS straight up to the hospital, he's going to be operated on this afternoon so DS and DH are currently on their way to the hospital. Not sure when the operation will be, DS has to fast for 5-6hrs so no earlier than about 4:30.

poor little thing. I hope he doesn't have too much pain with it.

Can you let us know how it all goes. I check back later when the boys have gone to bed.

and it's $1600 to be paid to the peadiatric dentist before the op (we can then claim some back from private health later) + any other additional costs if the operation goes for longer/is trickier than expected. there'll also be bills from the anethetist etc over the next few weeks ... . Thankfully mil has been able to pay the upfront cost, we'll just pay her back over time but OMG!!! They've apparently put him on the end of tonight's surgery list, past when they're 'supposed' to be over it's that urgent sad .

3littlemen wrote:
omg poor little guy sad you must be beside yourself how scary!
thankfully they have got to it straight away xxx

definitely! today is apparently the last day the dentist is operating before Christmas so I suppose at least we're lucky we could get him in for today. I just wish I could be there for him but I also have DD2 to look after (DD1 is at her grandparent's for a sleepover and DS is most upset that he's not there for the sleep over like he was supposed to be). this waiting to hear news is sending me crazy ... and all my plans for cleaning the house and getting ready for Christmas have flown out the window (DD2 can sense I'm stressed so just wants to be held).

Oh no, that is awful! You poor things having to go through this at Christmas. Will he get to come home for Christmas day? xx

O no poor little guy! Hope it goes well. Keep us updated.

he's in surgery now. They're removing the teeth, will do some internal work (I'm assuming that's repairing any damage the teeth did as they were pushed back up), stitch him up and it'll be done. He'll be on antibiotics for a while but they're actually planning to release him tonight. He'll probably be going to his grandparents (after a stop in here so I can see him) because he's supposed to have spent today there having all sorts of Christmas fun with a sleepover ready for our Christmas party with them tomorrow so the only thing that he's been worried about is missing out on the fun his sister is having.

I figured that the house could be 'not perfect' for Christmas Day, everyone who's coming here knows about DS so will completely understand.

he''s out of surgery and back on the ward. His 'dinner' arrived as I was talking to DH - juice, icecream and 2 types of jelly tongue . Apparently the surgery went well, he'll be on soft foods for a week along with antibiotics and panadol etc but everything should be ok as he heals. He's refusing to sit on his bed because that would mean he was staying in and he wants to come back to the in laws for the sleepover he's supposed to be on smile . should be discharged in the next couple of hours.

not 100% sure what happened, I wasn't there, but from those who were there, he tripped near a swing set and fell forward and hit his teeth on part of it (I'm assuming a metal pole on one of the swings or something). They saw him starting to trip and were just concentrating on getting to him so didn't really notice what part exactly he hit, just that at first he seemed ok then they saw the blood and the space where his teeth should have been. They feel terrible but it was a simple accident that could have happened anywhere, we just had an unusual outcome (par for my family really, if we're going to do something we do it 'well' tongue). Knowing that DS is feeling ok and just wants to keep doing his Christmas celebrations helps me not feel so worried and upset about it (and the fact the peadiatric dentist said there shouldn't be any real issues long term with having to remove the teeth.)
My DD did that to her front right tooth when she was two. She swam into the wall at swimming lessons. She's 6 now and the missing tooth came through mid-way through this year. The biggest risk with her tooth was how the adult tooth would grow down because it didn't have its baby tooth to guide it down. It has come through a bit wonky and the dentist has recommended a plate retainer in the next six to twelve months. How old is your DS??? I must say I got so used to my DD without that tooth that it's weird to have it back. Sounds like your poor DS did a good job of it sad What a brave boy you have and what a crazy day for you all!!! How cute about being more worried about the sleepover smile
So pleased that the surgery went well. Sounds like he is on the mend. You will always rememeber
Christmas 2013. I hope that the recovery goes well and he is released soon. Hope that you have a wonderful Christmas even with this little hicup.

He's 3yrs 7 months. He's excited that the tooth fairy can visit him (his older sister has lost 2 teeth in the last month so he knows 'all' about the tooth fairy tongue ). With it being two teeth next to each other we'll have to see what happens but we know there will probably be some sort of issues as the adult teeth come through. The dentist is hopeful that they'll be minimal though, so fx he's right.

Oh geez Leisa what a day!! I am so glad your son is okay after such an ordeal. I hope he has a good time at his grandparents and recovers well for Christmas. I hope you all have a restful and uneventful Christmas!
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