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the bad present thread!! Lock Rss

I got from SIL clothes from MIllers..... i have never shopped at millers i'm 30 not 60! lol!!
GabberQueen wrote:
I got from SIL clothes from MIllers..... i have never shopped at millers i'm 30 not 60! lol!!

Haha my Nan used to do that most years for all the female relos. But sometimes they can have 'younger' looking clothes - I'm 25... Most of the time not lol
GabberQueen wrote:
I got from SIL clothes from MIllers..... i have never shopped at millers i'm 30 not 60! lol!!

I'm 29 and shop at millers occasionaly, . I don't even look like a granny. Lol. And the jewellery is quite nice there too!
Pinkie Pie wrote:
Ahh this thread is bringing up some memories for me. My mother (it's always my mother!) got me a purple lacey G-Banger one birthday gasp Now that I'm home I can share what she got me this year for Christmas. I think it's holds your jewelry like rings or something. It's too small to be a soap holder.

I had one similar when I was younger - you put rings on the "tail" and normal necklaces or pendants on chains in the dish.
I used it when I used to wear loads of items I'd take off before sleeping.
Athaye wrote:
The in laws do a $50 kk, I always try hard to buy a present to really suit the person I get, but never get great presents in return (I know its not about the gift, but it would be nice to get something great one day), anyway, this year husbands auntie had me, and I got soap I won't be able to use as its too perfumed, some sponge type thing to wash with and a heat bag that I'll never use as I already have 3 I don't use.
I know I sound ungrateful, but you'd think after knowing me for 10yrs, they'd be able to buy something that would be perfect for me...oh well, next year I think we're donating the money to something like Oxfam, to buy goats and chickens instead of getting each other pressies - I'd much rather that as I wouldn't feel like the money was wasted.

My big pet peeve, every year same, I go out & pick something truly for the person. Think about it and listen to see if the present they get is what they need. Every year I get something that could be for anyone, but not for me. Worst was same, really bad body wash, bar of dairy milk and $40! I was really annoyed that the person couldn't even be bothered to find something to spend the rest on!
My MIL has brought Joshua a shower radio for his birthday. Joshua is hearing impaired and cant hear much without his hearing aids in let alone when there are extra sounds like water running.
For my 21st birthday, from a family that my family had been friends with since I was 9 and I was BFs with their daughter through primary school, I got a ceramic figurine of a baby sitting in a pot with apples all over it?!?!?!

They are the same family that got huffy when, at my wedding, I invited the parents, my friend and her hubby but just the 3 other siblings and not their boyfriend/ girlfriends!! I mean I was already paying $700 for them to be there let alone forking out another $300 for 3 boy/girl friends!!

Aka G&L smile

Ha. At my wedding we didn't even invite all of DH's family, let alone partners we didn't even know. We only invited our friends and CLOSE family. No partners. It was our day and we only wanted to share it with those we love most, not every person we've ever acquainted and people we didn't even know.

I think the worst present I ever got was from my aunty. She got me this bracelet one year and the first time I put it on, it bent. It was made of a VERY low quality metal and i didn't even get to wear it once.

Has anyone had the opposite reaction? Where you got a present for someone, a very meaningful present that you knew they would like and they didn't appreciate it? My SIL doesn't like me, but that never stops me from putting a lot of thought and effort into the presents we get her. Last year I spent SIX HOURS on a painting of her dog, using a photo she'd taken of it as a reference. When she opened it she didn't even LOOK at me, let alone say thank you and to this day none of us knows if she actually likes it or not.

GabberQueen wrote:
I got from SIL clothes from MIllers..... i have never shopped at millers i'm 30 not 60! lol!!

Millers used to have granny clothes but now they are quite good 'younger ' styles.I never used to buy clothes from there but mil did.Now she complains that they are all clothes for 25-30 year olds, not for old ladies like her lol.Perhaps different stores have different stock-I know target up the coast have very different things to target in western sydney

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Quick Sticks wrote:
Pixie Chick wrote:
Quick Sticks wrote:
It drives me crazy when you say not to get something and they get it anyway!

My DH and I both told my Mil not to buy me underwear this year. She buys me the worst underwear that I won't wear and I just donate to an OP shop. So what does she buy... The underwear! I open the present and she says I know you said don't buy it but I know you love it so much. I don't know how many times I have told her, and this year she brought me 6 pairs!

I literally LOLed reading that! Who the heck buys undies for their daughter in law?! That's crazy and so funny how she was like I know you love it. Haha, enjoy your lovely 6 pairs of undies.

This is the third your in a row that I have been lucky enough to receive these undies.

They are:
*cheep (Kmart)
*silky with lace borders (ewww)
*the right size but very skimpy (I am a 12 but they will not cover anything!)
*and the colour.. 2 red, 2 white and the kicker... 2 zebra print!

And for the final blow... She announces today that now all the girls in the family (including her) HAVE THE SAME UNDERWEAR!!!


That's just hilarious!

i think she must think it is some kind of a bonding thing or something!!???

Mum of 3 girls, 1 boy, 1 angel, 1 on the way!

How about my MIL, she and FIL requested only books or DVDs for Christmas, nothing else, one year I got her a book, Christmas Day comes and we talk to her on the phone, she says she has already read that book and can we get her a different one instead. After all the tounge biting I do with the awful gifts she has given me, and she has the nerve to ask for a second gift!

Aka G&L smile

I love this thread lol
My dad gave me a calender for my bday once and my sister got a pencil case that said I love boys on it the same year. Then at christmas I got the pencil case and she got the calender lol he must have got a cheap deal on them.
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