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random pics because I'm bored lol Lock Rss

Gotta love the simple things like playing with the sprinkler!!! My kids used to love it but our new dog (he's not really a puppy anymore at 12 weeks) takes over.

Can you not! I'm trying to be good and looking at those photos is just not helping!!!

Agree that buffet looks awesome. Boys look like they are having fun in their pjs. I love cheezels.
That's alright! I've just tried to convinced myself that it looked fantastic but the taste was disappointing! lol!

Ahhh... if only it worked!

Great pics smile Agree I love the pic of the buffet!! I love dessert

Looking at myself I think that's what I need right now but I thing we need to respect the others!

However, if you wish to p.m. me....!

Cute ! Love the buffet! Looks like the ultimate smile

Great photos 3LM smile

I like the one with your DS2 and his water gun. The look on his face is awesome laugh

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."

Thanks for sharing those fantastic photos! grin
YUM! that buffet would be perfect right now.

Great shots of your boys, they look so happy.

Hope you are feeling ok smile

3littlemen wrote:
We'll I could show you a pic of my disgusting throat but that would turn you of food forever lol!!

just saw this quote - no thanks tongue

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