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DD1 is 6 and she is size 7 because of her height, but a 6 around the waist.
Dd2 is 3 and size 3 is a good fit now.

Noah 7- size 7-8 in shirts ( he has a long body)
size 5-7 in pants depending on make and brand.
Joshua 5 - size 4-5 in shirts
size 2-3 in pants
Leah 3- size 4 in tops and dresses
size 3-4 in pants and skirts
Oliver 1 ( 2 in March) size 2 in tops
size 1-2 in pants more 1s then 2.
11 1/2 years and size 10-12 bottoms and 14-16 tops (almost out of boys sizes)
4 1/2 months and 00
DD is 4 months and she wears 00 clothes.
Dd1 is 8 and wears anything from a 7/10
DS is 6 and wears size 6/7
Dd2 is 5 and wears 4/5
Dd3 is 3 months old and is wearing size 0000 and 000
DD1 is 6.5 and wears size 6. I've just started buying her size 7 clothes for winter.
DD2 will be 3 in April and has been in size 3 since just after she turned 2. I'm thinking I may need to buy her size 4 leggings and tops soon. She is so much bigger than what dd1 was at the same age.

DS is 12 months and usually wears a size 1 in tops and is still a size 0 in pants
DD is 3.5yrs and wears mostly 2s in tops (sometimes 3s) and 1s or 2s in pants (absolutely no waist!).

DS is 15mths and wears 00 tops (occasional 0) and 000 pants!

I have littlies smile
10 months old and size 00-0. She's tiny. Hoping she is in 1s for winter so we can shop in the big girls section. More variety there!

Ds is 5 and wears a 5-6 top for length as he's so tall but verrry slim so is a 3-4 waist but 5 length in pants.

Dd is 19 months and is a size 0. She still fits some 00's and some 1's are starting to fit
Geez, I've bred a giant, DD1 is 4 in a week and is in size 6 tops and 5 pants. She wears a kiddie 10 1/2 shoes. DD2 is a completely different build and at 19 months is still in a 0 and size 3-4 shoe.

Ds is 4yrs & wears size 5 & 6 atm. He is tall for his age. Xx

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