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Has anyone had good/bad experiences with the Mirena? I saw my gyny today and she suggested I get one put in to try and help stop my periods as I get really intense pains and heavy bleeding. She has said she'll knock me out for it so I don't experience the discomfort which I'm happy about. So now just after positives or negatives!
I have had mixed experiences.

My first was a disaster, it caused constant spotting and cramps, after 6 six weeks of this I developed an infection and my body rejected it and it literally fell out. I was on antibiotics for ages. Apparently it wasn't placed 100% right which is absolutely vital.

My second one was done 10 weeks post birth and I love it. No pain, no spotting, in fact I have not had a period at all since I got it 18 odd months ago and probably won't get one at all until it's removed. The gyno checked it's placement with ultrasound second time around.

Thanks for the replies ladies. I've been reading other posts on different forums (thanks to Google) and it seems like very few people actually have positive results with it! And a lot of them had different experiences like both of you each time they got it put in. Eeek I'm feeling a bit put off it now! I've had Implanon before and it really wasn't right for me at all so had it removed after 3 months.
I have no experience with the Mirena personally, but I am very sensitive to progesterone and the depot made me bleed, and turn into a crazy lady. This is the same for my sister and my mum. My mum had the mirena for the reasons your gyno has recommended it.. After 3 months she hadn't stopped bleeding/spotting, and my dad asked her to have it removed as I had run away as a result of her moods, and he couldn't cope with her either...

For me, I will never have the implanon because of my reactions in the past, and certainly never a Mirena. If you've had reactions to the implanon, I wouldn't get a mirena. I know they say it's low dose less side effects, but some of the reactions you see especially in women sensitive to progesterone, go against all that.

I think it's great for those who can use it, but over here it's $300 if you don't qualify for funding (basically multiple terminations or heavy bleeding resulting in anaemia), so it's expensive to try it and see. If it's cheaper for you, and you feel comfortable, you could always try. It just depends on the risk vs benefit for you and if you'd be willing to ride out the first 3-6 months like they suggest if it's not suitable, or have it taken it out if it's not..

I don't want to scare you but i had 2 terrible experiences and now I will never ever have one again.

It was suggested to me by gynae for extreme heavy painful periods and poss endo.
First one got put in and i had very very painful cramps after insertion which they said was all to be expected, them i started getting terrible pains that were worse when i moved, and i kept asking could these pains be the mirena and i was assured there was no possible way it could be and after months of being told no way it cant be has to be something else blah blah blah, pain was getting worse I asked for it to be removed and guess what it was mirena, it had started to fall out omg! I told her i didn't want another but she assured me that it must have been the insertion and it would happen again and let me tell you i wish i had listened to my instincts. At first it was great really helped with periods and cramps and i thought it was wonderful, then i started getting terrible terrible pain worse than last time and again i asked could it be the ,Mirena and they checked and said no its not coming out it must be a coincidence and there must be an underlying problem which they spent months and months investigating the pain got so bad i couldn't even go out in the car every bump on the road was as if a butcher had taken the biggest knife to my uterus and i was on morphine daily but after an X-ray and so sonogram that i had been asking for they found that it was the mirena but this time it wasn't falling out, but it was trying to escape up and it got embedded in my fundas and I had to go under to get it out and i was in terrible pain with it and for months after the removal. Can you believe they actually wanted to give me a 3rd one, i literally told them To get bucked!!! And i am still sure that it has done permanent damage as i still get terrible pains.

I am so sorry to be so negative, but anytime any one ask's me about them i always give them the honest truth and i would never recommend to anyone, i would never wish what i went through on anyone it was terrible and really mucked up my life, i had to leave my job, i was on heavy pain killers and ended up very depressed and its something that to this day i will never forget. So i continue to share my story in hopes that it doesn't happen to anyone else. smile

Good luck in making your decision, if you do decide to get one, just be aware of your body and if anything doesn't feel right speak up to anyone that will listen smile

We are told to forgive and forget, but if we forget what we forgave then isn't forgiveness pointless?

That's such a horrible experience buggie mama! Sorry that happened to you. My best friend keeps recommending the mirena as she had such a great experience, no problems at all and no periods. I'm too scared to try it though as I bled constantly on implanon and i understand that is a risk with any progesterone only contraceptives and your story is just another warning to me.
I was only talking to my Doctor about this the other day.
The side effects he mentioned were puffiness, retaining fluid and the big one, mood swings if you are susceptible to that.
The positives for mirena other than the obvious is the rate for women needing hysterectomies has reduced since the introduction of mirena.
It's a tough decision, I would like to not need a hysterectomy later in life as that can open a whole other can of worms, but as I have suffered depression I would be high risk for the mood swings.
Good luck with your decision.
Mine worked a treat!

I was awake when she put it in, which I won't lie - it's uncomfortable and for a moment I would've chosen constant period pain and cramping over it.

She gave me Panadine forte to deal with the temporary discomfort & I was fine a day later. Finally I'd found something that worked after two implanon, deprivera injections & almost all of the contraceptive pills.

Getting it out is super easy too! My GP did that, two minutes and all done.

I guess the only discomfort can be that it can sometimes move and cause some annoyance to your partner during sex.

Goodluck smile xxx
Thank you for all the replies. I'm quite seriously reconsidering it now after doing more research and hearing your stories. Thank you Buggie Mama for sharing your story, that sounds awful!!
I suffer from depression and anxiety so I'm thinking it's not going to work well with mood swings, especially as that was a huge side effect from Implanon.
So, does anyone else have any other suggestions? I guess the pill is the only other way to go really that I can think of!
I loved Yasmin while I was on it. It is a slightly higher risk of clots, but not much more than then any other pill I don't think. The only other thing is a copper coil, but they can make periods heavier, so not really a suitable option.

My mum has always had really bad problems with heavy painful clotty periods, same as my sister. They find tranexamic acid helps. For my mum, after the mirena didn't work, they next step they were going to offer was to laser her lining away, but she didn't end up getting it, as things settled down enough after the Mirena removal that she could cope, then started heading towards menopause (happens young for us sad ), so didn't need it done. Maybe those are some options to discuss with your gyno too about managing your periods?

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