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Here is the beautiful ring my hubby gave me and our gorgeous baby girl. Photos only up for a short period of time. smile

Sorry if the photo's aren't normal size, tried to do it myself without hubby help.

Awww cute smile so glad I got to see her

Very cool ring too. That was so thoughtful of your hubby.

Gorgeous photos, congratulations on your new baby girl!
What a beautiful ring Blessings, you've got a great hubby.
Your little girl is gorgeous, glad I got to see her.
Congratulations again and I'm glad to hear your MIL is gone, now you can enjoy your lovely family. smile

How can we not say awe to that gorgeous girl! Congrats (and love the ring 2)
Ooh I jumped on just in time. She is such a sweetheart smile

How is everyone settling in?

Do you mind sharing her name?

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

Thank you everone.
I've taken the photo's down

I saw before but didn't have a chance to respond - just precious blessings! She's beautiful. Hope you are settling in now your mil has left. The ring is lovely a very thoughtful gift!
Me too. I also saw it earlier but got busy at work. She's beautiful!

Oh damn, missed out, shoulda looked earlier! Bet she is beautiful smile

Damn it. I was on a flight and unable to look. Lol. Can you pretty please put the photos back up for a bit?! And even better if you'll share her name briefly too. Would love to hear! Or we can play a guessing game so long as you promise you'll tell us if we get it right... wink lol.
I was lucky enough to see the pics earlier, just couldn't respond. Your DD is just adorable and OMG to that ring of yours! What a super DH you have. Hope you're all settling in well smile
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