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Prams with lock in Capsule verses Seperate Lock Rss

I know this has probably been asked numerous of times but I am new to the site and expecting our first child

I am not sure whether to go with a pram that has the lock in capsule or buy separate which then can turn into a baby seat when they are older also looking in a pram to have the seat to be able to be forward and rear facing and the pram overall not to big and heavy.

You thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated

We use a Steelcraft Strider Compact and it has been awesome, one of my mates gave me her older Steelcraft capsule and pram, so the capsule has been perfect to use with my pram. The capsule is still within the time frame to be used but its the older black and beige capsule whereas my pram is newer and all black. I probably wouldn't have bought a capsule myself as I underestimated how handy it was to get bubs in and out of the car without waking her up, or how handy it was to have something to carry her around in when doing errands or visiting, especially in Winter. My pram came with an extra second seat, so I can use it as a single pram, double, or capsule plus seat.

Capsule and pram might be worth it if you are planning more than one bubs? Do you know any one you can borrow one from?

You just have to weigh up whether you would want to fork out more money for something you may only use for 6w (if you have a big bubba).

Choose your pram first as that is the thing you would possibly be using a lot! Places like pram warehouse have decent prices if you know what you are after (play with one in person though so that you know it feels right for you). smile
I think a capsule in the first 6 months is invaluable just for ease of getting baby in and out of the car, saying that I wouldn't have a capsule without a base as it's a PITA to strap the capsule in each time. I found having a capsule that fitted on the pram really handy, but since then there have been official warnings issued about the dangers of leaving baby in capsule for long periods, so I'm no planning on using capsule fitting into pramthis time round

I wouldn't bother with a capsule.
Think about how often you will use your pram. Capsules also get very heavy once bubs are a month or so old. Also consider the ones with removable seats - do you need to remove it when folding down? How fiddly would that be in the rain having to set up and fold away.

i bought a pram with clip in capsule, but i wont use the capsule in the pram, only in the car, i also have a base for it too.

I didn't use a capsule with any of my kids just the reversible car seats. I don't like the capsule as when they go to sleep in them the head is not supported properly. Well that is most car seats. They seem to slump. I would hate to be in the one seat for long periods of time. Think of going for a four hour car trip and not being able to move much. I never had a problem with taking my kids out of the car and into the pram or bed when they were asleep. I would prefer my babies in the pram where they have more room, can lay flat and make themselves comfortable. With most capsules they will grow out of very quickly. About 6 months and then you have to get them used to a new car seat.

I would prefer to spend more money on a great pram that you will use for a heap longer and get a car seat again that will last for a few years instead of months.

Good luck. It's a hard decision with all the options.

I think it's a personal preference thing.

A few people have made comments about capsules only lasting a few weeks or months but for me with my DS the capsule I bought did us right up until just before he turned 2. It actually had a higher weight rating than our convertible so I kept him in it until we went forward facing. I also dispute the comments about them being too heavy in a capsule after the first month or so. I was carrying my ds in his up to about 18 months without any worries. AND I had no issues with their positioning etc, heads never slumped, never looked uncomfortable or anything. And if anything they were better off than in their bassinet/cot as they were slightly more upright which helped them with their reflux!

Neither of my kids transferred well and once they had had a sleep (even if it was only 2 mins in the car) then that was it they had had a sleep and they wouldn't be having another one thank you very much. So I found the capsule awesome.

I didn't find strapping the capsule in and out of the car an issue with dd (my first) but with my second I had a base and it was way easier to just click and go so it was good, but not knowing what I was missing I didn't find it a problem before that.

I had a pram that the capsule clicked into with ds and I used it but it was a little more fiddly than the snap and go wheels I had with dd. (just wheels and a frame that the capsule clicks onto-can be hired from baby shops). If I was just going out for a bit then I found it easier with ds just to carry the capsule and not bother with the pram.

But like I said, seems to be a personal choice. I LOVED my capsule as you can see and used it for years. Obviously others don't always feel the same tho. smile
Yep good point supermummy, we still use the capsule for ds in our second vehicle as he is still under the weight and height limit and is now coming up 17 months, so I feel we have definitely got our moneys worth smile

I look for what will give me safety and value for money long term.
We were lucky enough to get a really good pram with clip in capsule and pram seats second hand, but does not come with the car attachment. This worked out well though as we have also bought a brand new car seat which is a 0month to 8 year convertible. So we won't need to buy any other seats or prams for the duration our bub will need them. We aren't having more children after this one but do have another 6month+ car seat which I bought for when my niece and nephew visit.
Like some of the other ladies said, look for what you will NEED as opposed to want, fancy and expensive doesn't mean easy. Most shops will let you test their prams out before buying too, so have a play and work out what is easy to manoeuvre and fit when you may not have a lot of time or patience.

With dd1 and dd2 I refused to use a capsule, just didn't see the point in buying a capsule and then having to buy another car seat etc. there is a 4yr age gap between them and I didn't have any issues just using a pram.
With dd3 I upgraded our pram. I wasn't fussed on using a capsule but my sil was getting rid of hers and it was one that fit my pram so I decided to try it and I must say I love it. Dd3 is 3 months and it is priceless in its convenience especially when I am out with dd2 who is just over 2.5yrs.

It really is a personal thing, do you have anyone around you that you can see using it or can borrow to see if you would use one?
thank you to everyone that replied and for giving me your thoughts and suggestions - hubby and I went with a bugaboo pram in the end
I am using a convertable car seat and a mountain buggy. I dont like capsules as my 14 week old daughter has had to travel from one end of the North Island (in NZ) to the other several times and it is advised to no leave bub in a capsule for more than 90 minutes without a 30 minute break lying down so they can kick and wriggle, now I read that they advise no more than 45 mins at a time, so very impracticable. Also very heavy when carrying bub in one. As for waking baby moving them? So what if they wake they wake, if they dont they dont.
Article below about leaving bub in seat

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