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What time do your kids go to bed? Rss

Usually my kids hit the bedroom 5pm/5:30pm - Watch a cartoon til 6pm in which time the 3 year old falls asleep and then the 7 year old buggers the TV off and plays his Ipad or DS for a half hour/hour then he goes to sleep. The 1 year old between all this falls asleep about 7pm these days, used to be 5pm. Meh.
my 5 and 7 year olds don't really have a bed time as such, they don't go before 7pm and they don't go after 9pm (unless its a weekend) so they go some where in between
Not to get anyone all excited and shit, but can you leave the TV on? Mine fall asleep with the TV on. I find this works great for us, better than no TV. Then when they're asleep (they don't stay up late with it on so no worried there) we go in and turn it off, plug in their night light.
DD had an afternoon nap from about 12.30 till 3pm. She usually goes down for the night at about 7.30. I don't usually hear from her once in bed but I'm pretty sure she plays for a while. Occasionally it takes her 1hr+ to go to sleep but she stays in bed and plays there so I usually just leave her...

DS goes down to bed sometime after 7pm, unless he didn't have his 4-5pm nap and then he's usually down by 6.30pm...

Also should add that DD still wakes up anywhere from 1-8times a night, ATM I think it's a mixture of dreams and being cold cos she kicked her blankets off...

DS (17 months) goes to bed at 6pm and gets up at 6am - early morning (i think smile) but works for us and also has lunchtime nap of 1.5 - 2.25 going down about 11.
When do you get to go to sleep school? I think I remember from another thread that you said you had got a referral

Dd1 and 2 go to bed between 7-8, depending what our night is tonight it's 7:15 and we are just finishing dinner, so it will be closer to 8 (they are 6 and 2). Dd1 gets up a few times after she goes to bed though (toilet, drink, tissue etc even if she's done all that before bed).
Dd3 is 14 weeks so she doesn't usually go down for the night until around 9pm, but sleeps til 5/6am.
my son is nerly 6, he has lwys gone to bed by 7.30. when he was under 3 it was before 7. but with a new job iv been working at for the last 3 months, 3 nights one week and 4 the next his bed time is 8.30 as i dont finish till 8 and my friend who babysits does it t her place, its easier for her as she has wee 1 y/o

I put all my kids into bed at about 7.30 most nights (aged 9,7,3)

my 7yr old and 9 yr old usually fall asleep first as they are tired form school and posrts, my 3 year old chatters away to herself til about 8, she is usually last to sleep as she still has a day sleep.

they all wake up around 6 am though - sigh.....
better than summer when its 5am wink

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

4 surprises. wrote:
Do you kids go off to bed without a fuss? Mine scream and carry on and get out if bed etc

is this me??

I'll answer ayway grin

the big kids stay in bed fussfree,maybe a trip to the toilet. they can read books, DD1 plays with her teddies and stuffed toys sometimes, I dont care as long as its quiet.

DD2 had only recently (last few months ) given up the fight. for the longest time (well over a year) she would be up and down, up and down, up and down. Not screaming or yelling just getting up ALL the time. we did the back to bed no fuss, no attention and she still persisted, it drove me crazy. I cant actually remember what changed- just one day she stopped!!! hope I havent jinxed myswelf there - lol.

good luck getting your sleep and night time routine on track - must be so hard with teenagers too smile

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

Dd has 2 40min naps during the day. I've tried and tried to get her to sleep longer in the day but it doesn't work. At night shes in bed between 6.30 and 7.30. She still wakes through the night but usually resettles quickly. She's an early waker though even when I've tried keeping her up longer (5.45-6am!) So I jhst put her to bed early because it makes no difference and at least I get some peace at night.

Both boys go to bed at 7. Sometimes it 7:30 depending on what we being doing. They have a melt down if they up past 8. Little miss goes to sleep at 7:30 & i give her what i call a dream feed about 11-11:30.

The boys only have a bad night sleep if they are sick or get woken up by loud noises. Little miss sleeps really good.

Routines for the boys have work, don't know about little miss yet, she too little to know if the same routine will work with her.

Hey 4 surprises smile don't beat yourself up sad such a shame you couldn't get leave to do the sleep school in june, atleast in August you hopefully have sorted before baby comes smile
Do you have a set routine same hour or so before bed each night so the boys know what's coming and can start to wind down?
I really feel for you, there is nothing worse than hearing them crying and feeling like it's your fault sad we jus5 introduced a light on a timer to get ds to stay asleep/quiet until 6 as he was waking anytime after 5, and I didn't think it was fair on him to try and make him stay in bed as how was he supposed to kniw that it was or wasn’t 6am, anyway the light coming on at 6 has ben great, apart from tonight when dh reset it and accidentally left one of the notches down and so poor ds light came on at half past midnight, so ive just been getting him back off.
have you checked out the sleepstore website for ideas with sleep issues? I find ds responds really well to me standing by his cot (headboard end so he can't see me) pat for a little while and then just stand there, Nd every time he sits up, quietly lay him back down, no talking, and he usually goes back to sleep pretty quickly.
hope it's all quiet in your house now smile and give yourself a break, all the things you do, you sound like supermum! smile

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