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Angry with DH! Lock Rss

DD has developed a nasty chesty cough. This evening it got worse to the point where you couldn't lie her down without her coughing and choking. She would actually stop breathing. When DH got home from work 45 mins ago I told him what happened and that one of us would have to stay up to keep her upright. Well because I was feeding her and she didn't do it he thinks I'm being ridiculous. He said we could just put her in bed and bring the baby monitor into our room so we can hear her. I told him there is no way I would wake up just from the noise of a cough.
I'm so angry that sleep is more important to him than our baby's life. It is quite possible she will be perfectly fine. But it is also quite possible that she will start coughing and stop breathing again and I am not willing to risk that.

"Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do."


Oh zinkles...I feel for you. Its so hard when the only other person who knows how much your baby means isn't understanding.

I really hope all this sickness goes away soon for you.

Oh dear sounds like she might have picked up on her older bro's bug? :/

Do you have a portocot you could set up in your room?

Or could you raise the head of her bed up and put a mattress on the floor or something in her room for you to sleep on? Might be more comfy than a lazy boy but you'd still hear her?

And +1 to what mummsy said
Hey zinkles, it's so stressful isn't it. DDs also had a really bad cough on and off. at worst she would cough so much she couldn't catch breath and then would do a projectile vomit - several times a day. And because she's under two there's no medication I can give her unless they decide to go antibiotics but it's never gotten to her chest.

when she was younger and sick and I wanted her with me, I would put a mattress in the lounge so i didn't get the awful feeling that she was going to fall out of bed.

I get very tense and snappy when she gets the cough because I feel so useless. You know that your DH doesn't think sleep is more important than your dd, but you're an awesome mummy and have a million times more instinct and know best so do what you have to do. Call the health line for more advice too.

Zinkles I hope she was ok in the night and that your hubby helped out!

How did she go last night? How did you go?
Hope she was okay last night and you all got some sleep.
Remember men sometimes think differently.
How's your daughter going now Zinkles? Frustrating that your DH wouldn't help out.... Do you have a recliner lounge to rest on? They can be half ok to sleep on and still hold on to a little bub (I know from experience!).
How's your dd going today zinkles? I know how scary the breathing thing can be so I hope she is ok

How's your dd today?

Don't blame you for feeling angry. Hubby would get up or we would bring little miss into our bed. I would hit hubby over the head with his favourite video game machine if he didn't.

Hey zinkles, hope everything's going well and your kidlets are feeling better. Hope the nights haven't been too bad for I you.

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