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Is this any worse then jam or honey sandwiches?
I'd say yes as it is full of fat as well as sugar, honey is only sugar lol

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Raspberry Sundae wrote:
I would use it if you were just looking for something different.

My DD likes sunflower butter which is the same as peanut butter but made from sunflower seeds smile

Do you make or buy the sunflower butter? It sounds like something DS would like?.

On the original questions - I would say yes, but only slightly, and that is based on no scientific knowledge, just thinking along the same lines as VKW.

I can't allow myself to have chocolate spread in the cupboard as I am sure I would eat it all! smile Yum choc spread on toast! smile

DS toast toppings options (if you are interested) are avocado, peanut butter, cheese and marmite. And I think that's it. I do find myself tempted to pull the jam out, but have made myself hold back, and it is pretty much just like putting sugar on toast grin

it depends..... you can make your own hazelnut choc spread which is full of nutrients and good fats and you can use raw honey which has a lot of health benefits! raw honey isn't just sugar, its an extremely complex substance that can be used medicinally (and is all over the world) and contains vitamins, minerals and is an immune booster!

choc spread from the shop is pretty poor nutritionally and most supermarket honey is a blend and heat treated which kills the good bits.

jam......homemade not so bad. shop: essentially just sugar.
OC, do you make your own Hazlenut choc spread? Care to share your recipe? smile

Raspberry Sundae wrote:
Little Egg wrote:
My DD likes sunflower butter which is the same as peanut butter but made from sunflower seeds smile
I got it from countdown and use it for muffins as well.

ETA: this is a link to the muffin recipe. I found they didn't rise so if you make them full them to the top of the cases. I just made mini muffins and they froze well.

Thanks RS, I will check out Countdown smile

I don't use Nutella, mainly cos I will eat it straight out of the jar myself! We use homemade jam on our breakfast toast. In my view this is fine: it is a wholesome homemade product used in moderation and it gets my boys eating their wholemeal bread. if I were making sandwiches for lunch I would use cheese, peanut butter or other fillings, trying to keep the sweet spreads for once a day at breakfast. personally I wouldn't be worried about the fat content in hazelnut spread if I were to use it on my kids' toast. They are both quite skinny and could use the calories IMO, I just don't need it myself.
I occasionally use carob powder which I mix with a little nuttelex or soft butter and spread on toast. I call this chocolate toast and this is the only thing other than vegemite that DS loves on his toast.

Like Hopeful Hippo, if I had chocolate spread at home I would eat the whole lot in one go smile
unfortunately for the moment I have no blender.... I buy mine off of someone who makes lots of raw foods and sells them. kinda like this:

there are a lot of recipes on the net though. some healthier then others. it just depends on what you like and what benefits you want. smile
Thanks OC! I think it's time I invested in a blender smile

Sorry to hijack the thread, but little Egg, and anyone else, I thought you might be interested In the bonnie delicious blog. Really interesting, alternative recipes. I haven't tried any yet, mostly because I struggle to find some of the ingredients at my local countdown, but I really want to!

Thanks Shine*On some of those look delicious, I will have to buy some almond meal for the shortbread when I go shopping this arfo smile

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