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Advice RE my 8 year old (sneaky/stealing/lying) Rss

So the last few months my 8 year old DD has been frustrating the hell out of me.

She started with sneaking around while we are sleeping and taking her DS, playing it for hours and then being super tired and cranky the next day. When I busted her (went in to kiss her goodnight after I got home from work) she tried to hide it under her bottom. So I took it off her and DH and I decided to put the DS's in our cupboard at night.

Then a few nights later she stole my iPad and did the same thing. I realised in the morning it was gone (and so was the charger) and I found it in her room. She looked me right in the face and lied about it being there. DH and I put a passcode on it.
Next morning I come out and the iPad is locked because she had tried to guess the passcode. I overheard her say to her brother "Did you know Mum put a pin on the iPad?" (which he didn't) so I definitely know it was her.

Then it was my Samsung tablet and one night it was DH's laptop. I'm so over it. Her excuses range from "I couldn't sleep, so I thought playing games would help" to "I neveeeeeer get to play on anything" to flat out lying "someone else must have put it in my room".

This issue is causing never ending frustration in our house. We tried the "give her a chance approach" and just put passcodes/passwords on things, we tried the hardline "no electronics for a week/fortnight/ever" and just about everything in between. We are not over the top with time restrictions, I don't feel she "misses out" and I don't want to have to keep locking things up. (The one night I left my computer on she got out of bed and played on it.)

The thing that annoys me the most is she has to know she is going to get caught. My DH goes to bed late (1-2 am-ish) and I get up to BF my 11 month old 1-2 times after DH comes to bed but she still takes the risk and then will flat out lie about it.

Please help I have no idea how to discipline her on this issue.
It's not the same but my son is kinda like this when it comes to sleeping, He wont take technology, just toys. He started sleeping in a 'big boy bed' a week or 2 ago and as soon as he realized he could get out by himself, that's when it started. We would go around the house before bedtime and pack up all the toys but he would sneak out of bed to get something from the living room while we slept, so we started shutting the living room door at night. He would also come into our room to see if we had any toys but we didn't so he started stashing toys in his room. Under the bed/pillow, behind his curtains/dresser, in his play tunnel, even in the nappy bin. Now each night we have to scan every metre of his room for toys. We tried letting him take one non-noisy/non-light up toy to bed with him but it just kept him up even later. We considered putting a gate across his bedroom doorway but we wanted him to be able to come to us in the night if something happened. Being almost 2 he cant reach the door handles so we just shut everything in the living room. I guess when he gets older he will be the same with technology, we have a lockable filing cabinet so we will be able to put everything in there but as in your situation, we shouldn't have to.
What you could do is get her involved in making up a roster for tech time, chores and sleep if you haven't already got one. At the end of tech time, she can put away the iPad/tablet etc herself as an indicator to say yep, that's it for today. Put a reward/punishment system in place, an extra 5 minutes of tech time the next day if she can keep her hands off it or 10 minutes less the next day if she uses it outside of time. As for the lying about it, check the charge percent on each device before bed so you can tell if they have been used or not, even bluff saying you have a camera and saw her do it. Good luck.
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