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Hi everyone.
I was hoping for anyone to shed some light on this please!!
I have been a working single mum for three years, but recently started dating someone.
If he and I eventually move in together, exactly how will my parenting payment and family tax benefit change?
We each have two children and he has his children at least half the time, yet his ex claims all benefits.
I have my children full time.
How does it work?

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Hey there, if you were to move in together and declare it (as you should by law) then your single parent payment will change to a partnered parent payment which for an example I'm on a partnered parenting payment and my partner earns 640 a week and I only get 240 a fortnight on the partnered payment. It goes on yours and your partners earnings. So it depends how much you both earn, but I would suspect it to drop, as did mine. The family tax benefit also goes on what you both already earn. I can't give you an example as I'm still waiting for centrelink to finalise my claim on that. They take forever!! But yes, partnered payments are a lot less than a single payment. But it's the right thing do to, so many people raught the system. Not really fair on those who are honest and still get by.

When I moved in with my partner I had to report my earnings and his earnings fortnightly for 6 months. For that 6 months my Centrelink payment wasn't affected a great deal, but after 6 months they asked for annual reports. That's when Centrelink deemed our combined income as too high and cut me off from receiving the Parenting Payment, likewise my FTB payments have decreased, but with my earnings and my partner's earnings we earn enough to kept us afloat (we have 6 kids between us and one on the way).
On another note: Has your partner tried to put in a claim FTB for care of his children? My ex did so and Centrelink deemed him as having care of our son for 27% of each financial year and was granted 27% of the FTB. They spilt the payment up between us: 27% for my ex and 73% for me. Worth looking into, maybe?
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