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Hey new here. Not sure posting in right spot. So my period was due 16th dec so 5 days late. Have taken 6 tests all negative. I’m tired grumpy boobs sore. Having period pains on and off. And my cervix is high normally way down even before af comes it’s down and has stayed up and hasn’t changed. So I’m not sure have read some ppl still get a positive. Just don’t no if I’m getting negative results then I’m guessing it’s a no. Going insane waiting for period to come or a positive result
Hi ya. I would see your GP and get a blood test that will tell you for sure if you are pregnant or not. They can get results fast these days. ????
Booked in for 27th ????
Good luck
try your best and good luck to you
I can understand, haha. This time is the worst! It's so hard to wait. Good luck to you, there's not much of a chance. But, I hope it works out somehow. 27th must actually feel so far away! Hang in there, hun!
They look like symptoms, to be honest. Sore boobs are a real give away. I had the same exact situation in my own experience. I hope it's a BFP for you! Good luck to you. I can get the frustration. I used to hate the TWW. To think, I had at least three of them, without any success...ha. Sending baby dust your way, hope it happens.
The wait can be so difficult! I understand your situation. I agree I think the first test was a little too early. A seven-day wait could be too long, to be honest. Things should get clearer, either way, in a few days. Really hope it's a sticky BFP! Good luck, hun, keep the faith.
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