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To call an electrician or not to call? Rss

I have a question. How much times a day does your husband promises to fix the wiring or to change the broken bulb? Just curious as my husband can't even call the electrician to fix the problems with electricity in the house...
Got the same trouble with my hubby, he a lazy a**, I can understand that he is working, but you can fix this bulb in a minute. I was so mad, so one day he did change this bulb, but now I regret it, because this "super-man" in boxers left our home without electricity at all. How the hell you can do this when you are changing a bulb. Now every time we have an
emergency case we call for the electrician's just because I don't want to burn my house. Frankly the guys we called are doing their job fast and good, we don't have troubles anymore, they already fixed everything so I hope our bulb's will work way much longer
Hi, usually if my husband promises but doesn’t, I say that I’ll figure it out myself, then he immediately gets down to business. smile
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