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Travel to Canada from USA starting late February (insurance, hotels) Rss

I read this article about quarantining or showing a negative test for Covid. Will this allow Americans to travel north?
http s://us. yahoo .com/news/air-travelers-canada-isolate-hotels-174511355 .html
I think that everything will work out.
I was able to visit Vancouver recently to meet my parents. It is terrible when covid has turned the whole world upside down and does not allow you to meet your loved ones. I probably did it thanks to the NEXUS card and a negative covid test. The NEXUS Card provides premium travel across the US-Canada border and gives you expedited entry back to Canada and the United States when you travel by air, land, or sea. You don't have to stand in line, show your passport, or answer a stream of questions from customs officers. I don't know about the others, but I travel a lot in Canada because that's where I work, and in order to avoid problems at the borders, I made a nexus card that allows me to travel without border control.
I heard they require now the covid passports which means you need to be vaccinated to travel. Look at roofing ellenton
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