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Office work and furniture Lock Rss

I'm tired of uncomfortable furniture in the office where I work, what are your suggestions?
Should I buy a new office furniture for me or to ask about it the boss?
Ofc, ask about it! smile
Try first to ask your boss about your offer, maybe he will help you, and if he refuses, then it is better not to. But if he still agrees and allows you to buy new furniture, then try to search for something on Google. When I was working in the office, I constantly asked my boss to give me at least some money and support so that I could buy new furniture for the office. And a year later, he gave me money and I found this site where you can purchase ergonomic office furniture. In my opinion, when everything is new, it is even easier to work. The atmosphere is different...
Since everything has shut due to 2nd wave of the corona. and, if you are working from home. so, in that case, you can set up a really nice study room or office room. Although, you can hire someone from online website called study clerk to do your kid's homework at a very affordable price. furthermore, you would have much time to be with your family.
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