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Have you seen my keys..? Lock Rss

I know this may be a dumb post but I have been looking for my car/house keys for days!!

Hubby is no help as he thinks I have been the one that lost them even though he does sometimes use them and I have no clue where they are.

Any ideas on where they may be hidden???
Once i went o get a drink and left them in the fridge....

Couch Cushions..
Childs Room
Back Yard
Washing Machine
Pocket of Dirty Clothes
Nappy Bag
Your Bag
Your Bedroom
What about your Weelie Bin...

I cant think of any where else..
Good Luck...

I find them in my girls room sometimes as if she falls asleep in the car and we go home, I will put them down as I am putting her down in the bed. Check down the sides of the beds too!

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The last time I was frantically looking for my keys... I finally found them in Brayden's toy cube/box as I must have just chucked them in there absentmindedly when putting his toys away... or perhaps, he put them in there after he picked them up to play with them... blame the bubba wink ha ha

Hope you find them... it is so frustrating... I often have to sit down and re-trace my steps!!!

Good luck.

Try this. A few months ago, my boy (2.5) was playing with my house keys. Half hour later, I needed to go out and pick up hubby from train station and couldn't find them. Spent ages looking down low (anywhere where James could possibly reach) and kept asking him where they were. He kept telling me they were under the fridge (they won't fit under there anyway). I'm getting more and more frustrated. Anyway, cut to later - had to use the spare keys (when I eventually found those) and when hubby came home he found them on top of the medicine cabinet in the kitchen (it sits on the wall on top of the wall oven). Now - I can barely reach the top of this cupboard, and there is no way James could have thrown them there (he has no sense of aim or direction). I think we have a ghost.......

So I guess the only tip I can give is look up somewhere high?! (he he he he)

James' Mum

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