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Hi. I have just found out I'm pregnant again. I have a two year old daughter and one year old son, so in all to short a time I am going to have 3 kids under 3.

I just wanted to connect with other mums who are or have been in this situation, hoping someone will tell me how they survived it! I'm a little daunted by the thought at the moment.

So please, any tips, stories or just understanding would be greatly appreciated.

Layla, Rachel born March 04, James born May 05

Hi there. I can totally understand your concern about having 3 kids under 3 its a lot of work ! i have 4 kids three under 5 and at first it was soo crazy,we had 2 in nappies so my husband would look after the older ones and i took care of the baby. then add to that cooking dinner,washing cleaning ! its never ending.BUT have more takeaway dinners delivered,leave the dishes till tomorrow,wash what really needs washing,clean what really needs cleaning and enjoy your kids whilst they are little! you know that old saying"they grow up so quick" its soooo true! so make the most of this time. Oh and one more thing,Dont be afraid to ask for help from friends and family im sure they would love to help out.

Hope this has helped you in any way.
Take care.

Roxana,Nsw,Mum of 4 boys

Hey Layla02,
I had 4 in 6yrs
oct 98
apr 00
feb 02
jan 05

You do manage to cope like the other mothers do. Do ask for help if needed. ( We lived in the country and had no family around. It was the way we wanted it. We didn't want our parents telling us how to raise our kids.) I am now finding it a little hard
due to the fact that DH works long hours and does footy on sundays during footy season and cricket during cricket season.(I feel like a single mum with a visitoor at night) Anyway its only because whenthe hit school they have sports and stuff. School friends. I always opt for the girls to have their friends come to my house as I love kids around and I dont have to pile them up in car to go get 1 of them. They have netball training tuesday after school and guides too. On wednesday we have younger 2 swimming in morning and older 2 after school. We have libray on thursday or firday, depends how we go for time. Then saturday mornings are older 2 with netball until lunchtime.
Love winter as tea is always in casserole maggi packets(Love those packets) easier to make during day. I also have my work and do Avon. I have just given up UCW. My time out is my scrapbooking and sewing. I catch up with my friends during the day.
Friends think I'm nuts but I manage my time well and all 4 get my attention with reading, homework or playing tea times or dolls. My oldest 2 are 2 years advanced on their age so I have extra homework to do with them.(Sometimes I can't understand it.) We make it fun and games in our house.
My DH and I would never change anything except wishing we had last 2 closer together. (but nature would let us) We still have sex life(TMI) and enjoy every minute of the day. The dishes can always wait until tomorrow.

Sorry for dribbling on
All the best it is worth it.
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