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I have twins that are 6yrs old boy-girl, 20 month old boy.
When the twins were young I go them to eat anythink and now they just wont eat hardly anythink and only things some pasta, nuggets and jusnk food. The bubs he hardly eat for me but will for others and is happier with just his milk bottle.
The meals I'd like to have the kids wont eat so I'm kind of stuck as to what to really do in this house hold with 1 parent and 3 kids.
I've tried making them sit until its all eaten up before they leave the table and if they dont they go to their room. Then a couple of hours later they complain they are hungry and cant get to sleep etc because they are hungry, well I know that feeling I cant sleep when the belly is rumbling to. So get them sometink small to eat.
Anyone else have or has had this problem and any ideas in what I can do. I wont to make a better start to this year and kind of like a fresh start.
you have to be tough... when they say they cant sleep cause they are hungry tell them that they had their chance and they can either have the dinner the didnt want earlier or wait till tomorrow. By giving them the snack before sleep it makes them think it is ok not to eat the meals you prepare.
my 4 yr old is very fussy the 3 yr old eats and tries everything but the 2 yr old who was so good is turning fussy too . i just give them athe same as us just not a big serve tortillini with a carnonara suce & garlic bread is a hit on of my friends said she would re heat the un eaten dinner for brekky and that worked for her

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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