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I hope all mums out there got to have a sleep in today. My little girls let me sleep to 9:30.

Have a happy mothers day

Jacqui, Vic, mum of 3 girls

Yes, Happy Mothers day!!

I never got a sleep in but the kids made plaster hand prints and pattycase flowers, little sweeties, that's what Mothers Days about!

Jo, Sydney mama of 2 boys

happy mothers day to you all.

my little darlings decided to wake at 6am this morning - no matter i was awake myself from 5.30am anyway.

my dh bought me some pjs from susans for mothers day (on behalf of my little bubbys). I ended up getting 2 pairs of mix and match pjs which was nice. his explanation was that there was a pair from each of the boys ( i have twin sons 18months old). i got very spoilt, we then had my inlaws over for breakfast along with his brothers family and i didnt have to do a thing.

off to see my side this afternoon for arvo tea,

hope everyone else has a nice day

moni SA twin boys 17mnths


jo, kids, 13, 11, 8 & 2yrs

Happy mothers day everyone
i hope everyone has had a wonderfull day.
this is my first mothers day and my partner woke up before me and bub so that when she woke she didn't wake me then he fed and played before putting her back to bed. I woke around 8.30 ( sleep in for me) to the smell of bacon and eggs, when i hopped up the floors had been mopped, bathroom cleaned and washing up done, i couldn't have asked for more but there was, a gift voucher for the day spa. i feel like the luckest mum in the world with my beautiful daughter and the most wounderful man i could have ever asked for.


Hope everyone had a great day!
I know I didnt!!!!
My hubby had a hang over from a christening we went to last night..So I had to make breakfast for him!! and clean the loo!!! Which means I didnt get the flowers I was supposed to or anything else for that matter!
But I got plenty of kisses and cuddles from my precious bubs which this day wouldnt have been possible without her!

Any suggestion for payback will be great!!!!!

nsw...5 1/2 month old boy....4yr old girl

wait till fathers day - isabella's mum and make him cook his own breakfast and clean the house. LOL.

Happy mothers day to every one


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