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How much time do your partners spend with your bubby's?? Lock Rss

I was just wanting to know if any body else out there had such a fantastic partner like i do? He comes home and feeds our 13 month old son his dinner before his own than has a shower with him every night and than dresses him into jamies and puts him to bed. It may sound like i do nothing at nights but i prepare the dinner and than do the dishes and get the jammies ready etc etc full time stay at home mum so nights are a special time for the boys! We have a few friends whose partners do not even change a bum than again all the stuff my partner does.....

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I have a great husband too!!! My daughter is now 2 1/2 and since she was born she has been the apple in his eye. He has always changed nappies, bathed, fed etc...etc. And anything else you can think of. I am now pregnant with my second and due in september and he is still just as fantastic. If i am not well, which seems to be alot this time round, he will cook dinner, sort out our daughter, helps me with the house and anything else that he knows will make my life alot easier!!!! He is simply fantastic!!!
My Hubbie sounds just like ur partner tmestar he showers my little boy with him all the time and the gets him ready for bed on the week ends he evens gets up with me when our 15 week old wakes and fills the fire for me and all through the week he can not as he works nights and the next morning he get up to our 2 year old so i can have asleep in and if the 15 week old wake he will feed him his bottle he has alway changed the kids from the word go.

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Hi, I wish my hubby was like that. He doesnt domuch around the house or with his daughter. Lets just say he has only bathed her twice, hasnt changed her nappy since she was 3months, has only fed her about 6 times and has only gotten up 4 times during the night. My little girl is nearly 8 months. He has only started to do the dishes again which he hasnt done them in 8 months. Im just hoping he picks up as Im getting very exhausted. As i havent had a break in nearly 3 months and I had to get my dad to mind my little one.

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