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I just like to know whos a stay at home mum and why? and what area are u in


Hi Happy!
I'm a stay at home mum and live north of brisbane !! i have a one year old and i think he is too little to go to childcare !!! i would like to go back to work when he turns two !!!! but even then i will look for something part time like two or three days a week !!!
are you a stay at home mum???
ok bye
Hi Helen

I'm a sahm too. My son turns 2 next week and my daughter is 3 months old. We live on the Central Coast in NSW. Like someone else said who better to look after children than one of their parents. I can't imagine leaving my kids with someone else everyday. It can be a bit of a struggle somedays - I feel like I don't spend enough time with each of them as one of them always needs something eg food, clean nappy etc, and it can be hard to find time just to sit down and read a story. We do have to make a few sacrifices to be able to live on one income - like not buying our own house. But for us it's worth it. I plan to go back to work when my kids are at school.

im also a stay at home mum i have two boys aged 2 year and 15 weeks old i can stay at home as we are in a good financial position and im from Lancefield Victoria
kaye smile

i put the sold sign on my new house today

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