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Don't like new forum!!! Lock Rss


Sure, its taken me an hour or so to get use to it and I'm sure I have a few more things to learn, but over all I think it rocks. So much better in many ways and hopefully it will speed up once the transition has finished and we're all use to it.

I will be annoyed if we can't track posts though...

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

This new forum absolutely blows, i cant find any of my threads, the dates are all up the creek and it is sooo slow. I managed to find 1 page of a thread from about 1 year ago and replied to it, but i have no idea how to find if i got a reply back.
What an absolute joke, there was nothing wrong with the old forum.
Yeah i don't know about it either, It is pretty slow. But I suppose we are all use to the old setout and will just take time to work our way around everything.

DD - 5yrs & DS 17months

hey i just posted and i have lost my name. (tesa). Ok i don't like it now.

DD - 5yrs & DS 17months

I dont liiiiikkeeee it *waahhhhh*
[Edited on 13/04/2007]
I hate it too, why fix something thats not broken??...

Wouldnt let me use my old username, so I just had to change the spelling a little, so everyone still knew who I was!! Arghhhhhhhhh so confusing.

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

I hate the new forum its so crapola!!!!! and so slowwwwwww
sooo slow!! i feel like i have dial-up! also you cant see straight away if people are from nz or aussie

8 months old an crawling - everywhere!!!!

I am with you our august07 thread has been totally lost and i spent ages trying to work out whatsgoing on the old site was more than perfect not sure why it had to change

dd 16 months, twin boys due aug

I do think I would get used to the new forum, if only they can fix whatever is making it SO SLOW!!!

I can't be bothered being on here as I'm wasting too much time waiting for everything to open!!
DITTO DITTO DITTO, how crappola is this??? I am thankful to hear though that everybody has slow speed, as i also have a superfast internet connection and thought something was wrong. I can't find any posts i have been on for the past 12 months either, but i did think it was because i am not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to computers!!! so glad to hear i am in the norm. This is wastng time as a PP has said, boy with allmy kids i could cook eat dinner and have the dishes done by the time the page opens I did get to use my same username though. it has taken me forever to figure out how to get back to reply to this thread!!!!!!!!!!
holy crap! It took me sooooooo long to figure out how to post! Ahh I guess its just a matter of getting used to.. I hope they havent got rid of old posts.
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