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I thought I would start a thread so that we can all "re-introduce" ourselves with our new sign in names.
I was Charlottesmum now Katey G.
C'mon ladies, don't be shy. Unless you don't want to, then you don't want to then it doesn't matter.

im still the same but will be good to know who everyone is again!

Great idea Katey....

I was ittybittychicky and still am but just had to change the spelling, so now its chicki with an I instead of a Y!!

Still a bit peeved that I had to change my spelling, when they assured us we could keep our names!!

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

I think thats a great idea Katey, sometimes you can tell who the person is but others I am still trying to work out.
Hey Nooey! Still in one piece huh? If you didn't make such good homes for your bubbies, then they'd want to come out. Play some loud music next to your belly welly and shine the torch in there to smoke it out! LOL.

Yep still here lol... My babys like staying in there for some unknown reason!!!

HAHAHA smoke it out HAHAHA

I am Kate: Jazmyn's mum but now I am Kate_Jaz_Zach!!
hi girls

I was mummyof1 and i changed to funkychicken. I really dont know why!!!! I call my 5 month old funky chicken all the time, i just thought id change it! mummy of 1 is abit boring when you have 2 kids now!!! and mum of 2 kids was taken......bummer!!!! so i just went with funky chicken!!!


Immy is 1!!! Were did that time go??? OMG

Hi every one

I am moos mummy, formally know as Moos Mummy

sorry for the confusion LOL
Hi everyone,
I was formally known as Lilysmama.
I am now Mama 2 Princesses.

nee Lilysmama - Proud Mama of 2 Girls


I was formally known as Jordan's Mum and now I am 2monkeybums since now I have two boys not the one! LOL

I use 2 B Jordan''''s Mum

hi guys, how strange that only some peoples names changed. Mine stayed the same. Looking forward to being able to navigate this site without so much confusion! lol

Mary-jane 08/07/06 George 19/07/07

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