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Have had a bleed. Have been told I have placenta previa Lock Rss

Well I have only just got back from being in hospital. I was admitted last night because I had a bleed. It ended up being placenta previa. Basically the placenta is laying right across my cervix and was putting pressure on there and making me bleed. They basically just said try and take it easy and don't do anything out of the normal. But if I have any bleeds to go strait to the hospital. I am just crossing my fingers that I can get to approx 24 wks so the bub has a chance to survive

Just wondering if anybody has placenta previa or has any experience of having it??
Sorry, forgot to say that I have already posted this in the Pregnancy section but I posted it here aswell to get more replies
Sorry to her about that Ellie. Unfortunately I am no help. I know when I was pregnant I had a bleed and they thought it might have been that. But on my 12wk ultrasound it showed that I didn't have it.
I wish you all the luck that you can go to 24wks with no hassles.

Good luck with your pregnancy, I had a low lying placenta in the 2nd trimester for my second baby. Keep your spirits and feet up, take it easy and do NO heavy lifting. Hopefully in your case it will move a little. xx

Oh & no $ex or unnecessary travelling!

Just bumping this up
[Edited on 27/05/2007]
Definately take it easy - my sister had it and wasn't told how dangerous it could be. She went walking on a secluded beach with only her 5 yo daughters with her. Half an hour after returning home she started bleeding, was rushed to hospital, had an emergency c-section. My niece was 7.5 weeks early and rushed to the Royal Childrens. She was in there for about 5 weeks with tubes all over her.

I'm not telling you to scare you, more to make sure you know that it IS a serious condition and you really need to take it easy! Asthe others have said, no lifting, no exercise, etc.

Goodluck, and i'm sure everything will be fine!

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

You know that I am thinking of you atm...and if you need anything you had better let me know!

Take care of your gorgeous lil bump hunny n kiss Phoebe for me!

Mummy to 3 little goblins

Just bumping this up again. I am really intrested to hear about other peoples experiences with placenta previa
[Edited on 27/05/2007]
Hi Ellie

I have no personal experience but i just want to let you know i am thinking of you, and am here if you need anything.



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