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Who has the most kids. Lock Rss

don't let my_cute_kids see this post... she'll be telling all of you to shut your legs... rude cow...
[Edited on 07/05/2007]
[Edited on 07/05/2007]

LOL cracka... i think my mum wins! We all have different fathers and were all accidents. haha im just kidding!! We were all very much planned. Mum wanted more if it wasnt for her last birth. Crazy woman
I have a 10 month old daugter and twin boys due so i will have three under two!

dd 16 months, twin boys due aug

sorry that was meant to be 19 month old whoops!

dd 16 months, twin boys due aug

lol i was going to say good luck!!! i still will though, wow twins!!
Hi i have 4, 7, 3,2,1 and 22 weeks pregnant with number 5

Alwaysawake is having number 6.

I have 3 kids of my own - 9, 4 & 9mths and a 14 year old step-son. I was watching a show on Foxtel today about this woman who has - get this - 8 kids under 4!! Not joking. Four year old twins and baby sextuplets! She lives in America, but I just had to add this to the post. What an amazing woman she is!!! Wonder if anyone in Oz can beat this?!

Dirty Thirty this year! Bring it on!!

There is one in QLD who has one older child and then 2 sets of quads (one died from 2nd set) the first set wern't very old when the 2nd set arrived. It was all done by IVF and there was a big stink up at the time, they were investing into the Dr that allowed it to happen. Makes 8chn

2 Beautiful Boys Aug06 & April09 &1 Angel April08

I have 4. I dont know what all the abrivations are so it is boy 8yo, girls 6, 3 and 18mths and would love to have another one but hubby thinks this is enough.

how do you all cope I need advice especially for the boy.

Mother four (seems like more)

Hi I've got 4 kids
DS 26
Ds 24
DS 23
DD 5months

Same father been married 27 years. Waited for my little girl for 20 years and have finally got her!
Would love another one but only if i can guarantee it would be a girl.

Hi all you mums, I think it's just wonderful that you have children you love and adore, especially 'alwaysawake' mum. I hope you all have a special 'Mother's Day'.
Good on all u mums i say, Just came back from my scan today with a healthy baby inside!! You know this is the first baby we will be surprised with the gender at birth, and I feel like this could be my first baby, it just doesn't get better!!\So that's my mothers day present all sealed today, really happy and i hope you all get spoilt as well. There are quite a few "big " families here, its great to see, very challenging at times but that happens regardles we have 1 or 10 babies, its good to see mums supporting each other instead of bagging each other here..
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