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Does just this heading make anybody else feel sick?

It sure does me. How could anybody be so irresponsible to leave a poor defenceless innocent child in a bloody cardboard box on a freezing morning to be found god knows when.

If this women didn't want this child then why didn't she do something more responsable about it. There are plenty of couples out there that would jump at the chance to adopt this child.
I'm not an advocate for abortions but why put yourself through all this to just dump the baby in the end?

I really don't understand this. Do you?

Jake, Jemma & baby Brandon

OMG How could someone do that!!
OMG that is so horrible what sort of human been could do that to a poor innocent baby.

I just wanted to say that there are other precautions that are in place so this sort of thing don't happen i understand that not everything works but what about adoption agencies if "Accidents Happen" Poor baby its so sad
I will go against the grain here and say that at elast she was responsible enough to leave it at a hospital and not in a toilet or somewhere else that it wouldnt be found. Girls, this type of thing happens often all over the world and while it is ver very saf there ar eplenty of woman who find themselves in this predicament (sp?) obviously this mother for what ever reason knows that she would not make a fit and proper mother and couldnt or wouldnt take a different path for her child, but dont forget that it may have been a very difficult decision for her to leave her baby and at least she did it at a hospital. Sad? most certianly, but we cannot judge until we know the full story, imagine if she did this to protect this child from danger that we have no idea about eg drugs, abusive partner, homelessness.... we have no idea. So I say to this Mother, while what you did was wrong, I congratulate you for having the for thought to leave this child somewhere safe.......


I agree with Naomi- at least this woman left her baby somewhere where she knew it would be found and cared for. We do not know the circumstances that lead to this event only the end result. While it is a very sad and distressing story this woman has obviously done what she thinks is best for her child. At least now this bub will be cared for and find a loving home with parents able to love and care for him/her.

I think that giving up your bub for whatever reason is no cop out or easy choice to make and send thanks to this woman that she did in fact have this bub- this baby could very well be someone's unanswered pray- a childless couple may get the baby they have only dared dream of. Think of this as a horrible incident or one that could complete a much longed for family- I prefer to think of the positive side. My heart also goes out to the mother who has abandoned her child.

I just hope the woman who did this gets herself some help also. This gives me chills.
I have actually heard about in some countries eg Germany, South Africa and Japan have baby shutes outside the hospitals for parents to leave their unwanted babies in the care of the hospital and they can do it anonomously. The babies land in an incubator and an alarm sounds so that staff can go and tend to the child.
In Japan they have recently re installed this as their have been several baby dumpings happening in parks and buildings.
When they did have them running in the 90's only 6 babies were left over 10 years.


I am glad that she left the baby at the hospital. Dont judge until you have been there. I dont understand how as a mum you could do that. But she must have been in a bad mental state.

I hope that she gets found so as she can have the help she needs. I also hope that the police dont charge her. As she could have killed the baby very easily but she didn't.

Mum to 5 amazing gifts from God. 3 girls 2 boys

yeah i have to agree here, the circumstances to these cases are severe usually, it's not like a big happy evbent ot find out that they are pregnant in the first place, let alone whether there is a partner , job , whatever, it can be pretty scary out there, if the girl was/is young or had no idea about the support out there for her, the circumstances can be endless to this case and many others. I applaud the girl for taking the baby somewhere , anywhere that was able to receive care, that must have taken all her strength to do it... it's really sad and something that she has to deaL with, we all have to make decisions in regards to the best interest of our children and obviously she has mad the deciaion that she thinks is right for her child, really sad, but the baby is alive and safe now... Things aren't as rosey as we would always like them to be in other peoples realities..
I agree with alwaysawake on this one, I really feel for the poor mother, who knows what medical problems she may now have and emotional for that matter, probably having to go through the birth alone being so scared. Don't get me wrong it is a terrible thing to do but like the others have said at least it was left at a hospital and not just dumped in a bin or something to die, she obviously wanted the baby looked after.
I know as mothers it is something none of us could ever imagine doing but we don't know in what circumstances the baby was conceived either.
Some of the others have mentioned safe places to dump babies and I think they have them in a america now where people can leave their babies no questions asked, even though it is a terrible thing to have to do I think maybe something like would be a good idea, I seem to remember 3 or 4 cases of dumped babies being on the news this year alone.
I'm with those of you that think it was a good thing that she left the baby at the hospital. I can't remember what the law is called, but in America they have a law in most states where you can drop a baby off at a hospital, police station or fire station NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I think it's great! They started it because of the amount of young girls who were hiding their pregnancies and then dumping or killing thier babies so their parents would never find out. And lets face it, to some of these 'kids' having children, the thought of admitting it to themselves is scary ewnough without adding parents and an adoption agency into the mix.

I hope the baby is ok - i haven't heard anything about it at all. And lets hope it gets a loving family of it's own - ones who'd give anything to have a baby to love!

Dette, DS 06.03, DS 10.04, DD 03.06 & Due Sept 07!

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