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Who had a slack Husband for mother's day??? Lock Rss

My husband didn't actually do anything special for my FIRST mother's day!!! I don't think cooking me breakfast that i bought counts!! He even got to sleep in!!!! Sure Ella is BF but he could have got up and changed her and brought her to me but he didn't and i got to wash the dishes & i also got to spend a "great" at his parents place loking at photos from their holiday and then watching 2 games of footy!!!!

oh well at least my Ella slept to 7 am for the very first time!!!!

Am i being too hard?? I really would have loved a card just a sweet card....
hi Nat, my DP didn't do jack for me on my 1st mothers day either. Some men need to be reminded of these things (over and over.....)
You are not being too hard on him - it's nice to know someone appreciates you as a mother.

This year was a major improvement for me and I had such a nice day, hopefully your hubby will do the same (improve I mean, not nothing!) next year!

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

your not being too hard, i dont get any speciel treatment either for mothers day but when fathers day comes around its all about them. i hate it same goes for birthdays
It's not fair really, father's day will come around, i'll forget about how i feel and how little he did for me & i'll end making it special for him!!!
My husband didn't do anything either. He got up about 3 hours after Mikey and I, didn't dress him, change him or bath him all day. I got dragged to my SIL's for afternoon tea, to get caught in the middle of a huge row between SIL, FIL and MIL. The present I got was the other half of my birthday present (birthday was Wednesday), that I bought anyway!

So much for my first Mother's Day. At least it was memorable...
Yeah same here. My partner slept half the day away and then finally when he did get up he didn't even say Happy Mothers Day to me or anything. When I pulled him up on it and asked him if there was something he had forgot to say to me today. He replied with "No, I don't need to say Happy Mothers Day because you arn't my mum". I couldn't believe it!!
Oh well I'm over it
I think mothers day was a major disapointment for us all. sad
I think we have all come to realise how little we mean to anyone.
My mothersday pressi from ds1 was a card and plasta hand print. I thought how sweet, until he said that he wanted it back cos he wanted to play with it and decorate it more. Then when i asked for it back he said he wanted to keep it. That hurt. Then on saturday dh gave me $20 to spend on myself, so when i wanted to get something ds1 cracked up and said 'i wanna go home, why are we here.' then hubby said mummys getting somthing for mummys day tomorrow, cos we gave her some money to spend on herself, cos she is such a good mum and we love her n she is always buying us stuff so now she can buy herself something.' Then my 5yr old son said 'well i dont care cos mum will always look after no matter what. I want to go home unless she buys me something with her money.' Then son cracked a big tantrum. Talk about not making u feel apreciated. Then on sunday hubby did nothing. Everytime i asked him to change son's nappy he grizzled and refused. I had no sleep in either. My hubby bought the box series of star trek and said on mummys day we will do nothing and we will wacth them, n i will cook a roast. The roast got cooked and when it came out of the oven dh cut off enough for himself and sat down to watch tv. No potatos or vegies. No gravy. No getting plates out and cutting enough for me and son. Just for himself. So i never had any. I figured if i had to get up and serve myself and son why should i. Then i asked dh to pause star trek and take bub for a bath and i take ds1 for a bath with me and put him to bed, he refused. So i got the kids ready for bed while he continued to wacth tv. Then when i asked him to go back to where i was up to on the movie he refused. I had a real crappy day too girls.I think men know how tomake us feel like we're nothing more then a slave. I wonder if they found us still attractive would act like this????? Or does it wear off after u have kids?

joshua 21/10/01 Samuel 03/12/06

Sorry to break the mould here but I had a fantastic day. It was also my first and I did nothing but what I wanted to do all day. I got to sleep in and then we went out for breakfast, a picnic for lunch and then I wanted take away for dinner and DH sat in line for an hour to get it for me. I also got heaps of presents from bubby and one from DH. I did no wahing or washing up or bottles. But then I think that DH realises that I work hard at keeping bubby happy and taken care of and keeping the house tidy and making meals all year round so one day off is a small price to pay. Personally though if he didn't do it for me I definately wouldn't be doing it for him - what goes around comes around IMO. I also wouldn't of gone home because a child had a hissy fit I would of told him that we were staying out as long as I decided and if he didn't stop the behaviour that he would not be allowed to have his favourite toys when we got home or made him have no TV for the rest of the day but that's also MO. Put your foot down ladies and tell them you expect better treatment and if that doesn't help start treating them the way they treat you - get tough and stop letting them walk all over you.
How did you find the energy, Mom To do all the things you did, To be teacher, nurse and counselor To me, when I was a kid. How did you do it all, Mom, Be a chauffeur, cook and friend, Yet find time to be a playmate, I just can’t comprehend. I see now it was love, Mom That made you come whenever I'd call, Your inexhaustible love, Mom And I thank you for it all. happy mothers day to all... hats off to creater of world..that is our mother...

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one more beautiful image here i have...

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