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Mums with 3 or more kiddies... Lock Rss

Hey there,

Just wondering,
What cars do you have to fit your family???


Sarah, QLD- 3 ADorAbLe Daughters!!

Hey Sarah! My SIL has 2 kiddies but definitely planning more. They have a gorgeous big luxury car. It's VERY nice inside and sits 7 or 8 people!!

We can it "the people mover" hehe

We have 3 boys and we drive a Toyota Camry station wagon and we find we have plenty of room for pram etc also we take our BIG dog sometimes and she has plenty of room

We have a Camry and a Prado. Even though the Prado is an 8 seater I actually prefer the Camry. I can fit 3 carseats in it and still have the boot for storage. In the Prado if you have the back row of seats out there is barely any boot space.

Our Camry is almost due for replacement and I don't know what to do. We will probably have more kids so won't fit in a Camry. Don't really want to do the whole people mover thing.

We just bought a Falcon station wagon, so we can fit our 3rd seat in the back. We couldn't fit 3 in our Corolla. I found it quite hard to find a car which was wide enough for 3 full size baby seats and I didn't want to downgrade my DD to a smaller booster. But the falcon is plenty big enough.

Personally I also didn't want a van, because I would have had to put 2 kids together in row and one in the other row - I felt that one of them would always be left out. However if you were planning to have more than 3 that's probably what you'd need!

We have a Mitsubishi Magna..but only two of my kids are in car seats, so i don't know if it would fit 3 full size carseats in the back. We also own a Nissan Patrol, which we will be upgrading to a newer Nissan Patrol, which is a 7 seater..they are plenty big enough! We need a 4wd as we do a fair bit of camping.
A friend of ours has 5 kids and they have a Holden commodore station wagon, with seats fitted in the back.

Hi Sarah,

At the moment we have a Magna sedan. The girls fit fine in the back at the moment with the baby seat, booster seat and a 9 yo- so it will do us for the time being. I am learning to pack a little lighter for family trips away- to save on room. For extended family holidays- eg Christmas etc...we have a trailer that we take with us.

We have looked at a lot of the people movers- the Tarago would be our pick of them- but they are expensive and do not have the best resale value. A 7 seater Toyota 4WD Landcruiser Wagon is around the same price (about 2 thousand more) and holds it value better.

We are undecided as to which way to go- so at the moment are not doing anything. We will upgrade eventually- maybe when we decide whether or not we are going to have another bub or not.

Take Care
I have a Tarago as LOVE it. Mine is almost 10yr old and have never had to do any repairs just general maintenance the best thing it is an 8seater so even though we are a family of 6 we still have room to carry the odd extra person or two.
Cheers Ness
I have a tarago.

Its fantastic!!!! I love it!!!

POOK mum of three

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Ok, I have one with one on the way... but I am a nanny so i have to make room for three kids plus my one at the moment... I have a toyota tarago, I absolutely adore it and don't know how people survive with small cars! We had a Kia Carnival, and had so many problems with it we got rid of it within 6 months and lost a LOT of money on it! My tarago seats 8 people (only 6 under twelve years old, because there are twin airbags in front seats and thats a no no with kids). My friend has four kids and has a camry? station wagon, she had only just bought it when she found out she was pregger with #4 so they paid $1500 and had an extra seat put in the 'boot' of the wagon, its just one seat so she can still put her HUGE pram in the boot, only problem is, if she gets in an accident from behind the child in the back is really close to the back window. My boss also had this done in her commodore station wagon and the kids can generally sit in the back seat until about 10 years old after that they are too tall...

Jade, QLD, DS Sept 04, #2 due 06/08/07

I have a subaru wrx sedan and 3 kids at the moment.plenty of space in the boot for a huge double pram. I guess it isn't totally ideal, but I wanted it so I got it. it was my dream car and still is. I'm pregnant with number 4 and DH and I only had our 5 seater cars he went and bought a nissan patrol 7 seater 4wd. it is huge and has plenty of room for us all. I think it would be real expensive to run if it wasn't on gas aswell as petrol though. So I think our cars are perfect for us. If you don't like the other type of people movers then a 4wd is a good option.
I have four kids and drive a Toyota Avenis verso it is a 7 seater like the Honda odassy. I think it is great. It drives like a car not a van like my other car.(toyota spacia)
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