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Sorry, don't get too excited, im not off having a hot steamy affair or anything, but just wondering if anyone else has a secret celeb crush. Mine is the GORGEOUS Wentworth Miller from Prison Break. mmmm, would climb over DF to get to him lol. There is something about John Travolta too.....

I love Wentworth Miller too and Justin Timberlake ( must be the shaved hair and hot bod) I love John Travolta in Grease.

Wentworth Miller rocks. But I heard him on radio and his voice is sooooooo lowwwwwww you could barley make out what he was saying! LOL. My all time tv crush is Dr Luka from E.R. He's a bit older now, with stooped shoulders and a little tummy paunch, but still high on my zing-o-meter. Come back, E.R.!!
Nicholas Cage - YUM
Bruce Willis
Johnnie Depp

I love manly men!

yeah actually justin timberlake has got something bout him, bit of a flirt i would imagine! i seem to like the bad boy, rough but soft type(suprisingly this is not what DF is like, he's a big softie smile ), if that makes sense. mmm.... Bruce willis is a bit yummy too.
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Well one day I'm going to marry Brad Pitt! He just has to see the light! lol Oh and Johnny Depp is pretty hot as well.
For me its definitley Johhny Depp, I just find him so sexy.

the guy from lord of the rings and priates of the carbian orlado bloom cant spell his name He is my fav umm. and I am a big DR dreamy girl too lol
Wentworth and Justin are my type of guy looks wise (my ex looked like them too) but my husband is so different!!! I used to love the bad boy but fell in love with being treated with love and respect!!!

Andy Garcia makes me melt every time. He's one of very few celebs that does this for me.

I used to love Christopher Lambert (Highlander), and quite funnily Michael Douglas when I was about 14. (in Romancing the Stone). BAck then I was a hopless Romantic and would fall in love with the character more than the actor and their appearance.

I married a European, so it must be a wog thing. I love them.

OMG! Have not heard of Highlander in years! i had forgotten about that show! Loved it!

I love Dustin Claire off Mcleods Daughters. I definately wouldnt kick him out of bed if he f@rted!! Whoops im naughty!!

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

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