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Present ideas... friend doing IVF Rss

Hi mummies!

My very good friend is starting IVF next month after a long time trying and also a few unsuccessful attempts of IUI.
I would really like to get her a present as a sort of 'good luck' and 'im thinking of you' thing.
Any ideas? Thanks smile]
hi, thats very sweet of you, maybe a 4 leaf clover charm, so she can take it with her everywhere she goes.
Or in the crystal shops, they have ( i have one myself due to some pregnancy hurdles)the female Buddha, called quan Yin, she promotes fertility and the mother and protector of family, if she's into that sort of stuff, they are not expensive...
Are there any fertility charms...dunno if there is someone may no of some.
Otherwise for goodluck you have the classic elephant with the trunk in the air or rubbing on a buddah's belly is good luck as well.
Sorry for my lame responses but they may give you some ideas.


Sorry, I'm not very creative with gift ideas but maybe a guardian angel, we were given one when DS was in the NICU and I thought it was very sweet
ooo Thanks! I think they are all great ideas! Thank you sooo much - happy shopping for me now. I just had noooooooo idea!!
How about to gift nixie tube watch This watch having a lot in common with neon lamps this technology is still quite different providing that special charm of the Soviet Union when it was invented. This is the best solution if you want to add some interesting detail to your interior. It matches various styles - formal and informal and will operate for a long time.
Just try to gift her Yes maybe it`s something wierd to gift it, but why not? Brake the stereotips and be original.. This is a good way to make the person more healthy and help him with the everydays problems
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