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HELP - Getting rid of Vomit smell! Lock Rss

Hi there,

Yesterday morning our DD drank her milk and then vomited it and everything else back out onto my DH'S recliner chair/couch. We instantly cleaned it up but it still smelt so last night he cleaned it all again and also got some orange spray thing. Well now it still smells of vomit with added orange! It went all down the side into the mechanisms if the recliner etc as well. Now he is trying a carpet & room deodoriser.
Its that bad even our cat won't sit on that chair anymore and thats his favourite!
Any suggestions PLEASE?!?!

Thanks for any help!
Kel smile
hi there

i was readingg a thread on this the other day and i think if i remember correctly (mummy brain) they said spraying window cleaner on it gets rid of the smell!

Hi, you could try Febreeze that may work or in the Laundry part of the supermarket they sell a little green bottle it is only about 5 cm high and comes in a blister pack the label is white pink and purple (i think?) it's a concentrate smell remover, but i can't for the life of me remember what its called Sorry. Just went out to my laundry to check but i cant find the bottle Doh!
Good luck i hate the smell of sick! LOL



Yep, I can help out! You can buy it from Coles, Woolworths etc. It's called "nil-odour" fantastic stuff!!! we actually keep a bottle in the car incase any of the kids get sick. The other week we drove to the Goldcoast for the day. We were 2 min from the beach when our youngest spewed up all over the car seat ... yuck. We cleaned it all up and went and left a few drops of nil odour on the area. Come back 10 min later to go back home and the smell was gone. We've been using it for years.



My 2 Angels, Vanessa 10 & Tahlia 2

Hi Kel, I actually started a thread a couple of days ago for exactly the same thing. Someone did suggest window cleaner and suprisingly it worked really well. But I think I might have to buy some of that "nil-odour" is sounds great. We all have gastro at the moment so maybe I should stock up on it.
Anyway Happy Cleaning.

"My Pink Trifecta" (Oct/06, Sept/06, Oct/08)


Thanks for that info everyone! I think Nil-odour may be the next thing we buy! I just rang DH to tell him and hes like its about $6..hmm so? Hes the one who can't even sit in his own chair cos of the smell!
Hey Gizmo,

That'so funny what your huband said! It was like Dejavu for me. about 7 years ago we went shopping and my hubby put in this tiny little bottle in the trolley. I said "what's that?" he said it takes any bad smells away. I told him to put it back and that we are not paying that much money for a little thing like that but he refused. I believe it would have been about 6 weeks later when our first child was sick all over our carpet in the lounge room. Hubby got the nil-odour and the smell was gone literally in minutes!

Believe me,if the bottle cost $20, I would still buy it as I know how good it is.

Hope it works for you,

Cheers, Angelique

My 2 Angels, Vanessa 10 & Tahlia 2

Hmm that nil odour sounds good I think I will be getting some in the next shopping!
In future, If its vomit on the carpet, kitty litter works well. You just sprinkle kitty litter over the patch to absorb it then vacuum it up. give a little scrub with carpet cleaner and its all good.

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