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What Nationality is everyone?? Rss

I feel abit an Aussie. Both my parents were born and raised here to.
Don't feel plain, be proud
I'm scottish, parents immigrated to OZ when I was 6.

Hubby is very Australian.

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

I'm an Aussie, mums side has Scottish (my Great-Grandma came out when little) and Dad's side is Irish (the first violin maker to come out).
Hubby is 100% German, his family are still there, which makes DS and DD half and half. DS really looks like he's German too, olive complexion with white blonde hair!

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Hi Girls,

Both my parents are Greek, I was born here in OZ...

Husband is Portugese.

Poppy, NSW
Jonathan 21/02/05 EDD 14/09/07
Posted by: katzack
I'm an Australian.
Mum is Australian
Dad is an Australian .
My ancestors came over as convicts!!!!!
I'm not very exotic!!LOL!!!

i'm just the same as kat, not exotic, just full blooded convict!!!
I'm Australian and so is DH,
My father is German, mother Australian
DH's parents are German

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Mum: Aussie
Dad: Aussie

makes me aussie also

My husband is that would make my ds a combination

Ds Born 16/3/2007
mums side scottich convicts
dads side irish convicts

make me one confused little girl ...with a realy strange accent.....lots of hacking and gagging ang spitting ha ha ha ha ha

wow there are heaps of different nationalities.
my mum is Italian and my dad is Lebanese
my husband is Lebanese but we were both born here also.

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I was born in South Africa which includes German, Irish and Bushman. (but have lived in Oz for 23 years)
Husband South Australia.
Mother and father (my side) South African.
Husbands' parents Engish.
My kids have a little of everything!!

Both myself and my hubby are Sri Lankan. I've lived in Aus since I was 10....

DD1 7/11/04, DD2 27/5/08

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