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Bumpity bump bump bump!!

So I remembered my fave show of all time! Lambchops play along! remember? Anyone? That stupid sock puppet grabbed my attention for years! Oh my I loved that lamb! Might google it now before I go to bed.

'Captain Planet, he's our hero. Gonna fight pollution down to the zero!' LOL! I'm having a great time on youtube!! 'You'll pay for this, Captain Planet!'
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Hey does anyone remember thoses puff fabric paints you'd paint on your shirt and blowdry them and they'd raise up? Use to love them.
Captain Planet. Ha Fire water wind earth!

*Love my babies*

yes, Jeni82, i remember those puff paint shirts, i think we did them in school even.
we use to do alot of Paper Mache stuff back then, but my neices and nephews havnt really done that at school. I also remember when i was a kid in art, we use to stick our hands in pva glue and wait for it to dry, then sit there and peel it all off, it was fun, and everyone did it haha

3 Little Ones to Love.....

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