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Fun with the Under 30's!!! Lock Rss

what about that song that we use to sing while clappping the hands with someone else, .... see if i can rememebr
My boyfriends name is tony, he lives in macaroni,
with a pimple on his nose, and 4 and 20 toes, and this is what he said to me...
i l o v e love you, i k i s s kiss you,
so i jumped in a lake and swallowed a snake
and came out with a belly ache!!!
is that right??????????

3 Little Ones to Love.....

Hi Everyone i use to have Happy Pants can you imagine wearing those now. I also use to have a really cool one of those snap bands but it was a watch one.
hi everyone,
i'm a 1980 baby. i remember the happy pants, i had the snap band thingys and the track and field pants. omg what were they thinking in the 80's, the fashion was horrid! lol

our song went.
elvis presley, girls are sexy, sitting in the back seat, drinking pepsi, went to the movies, saw her boobies, la la la la la la your dead.
OMG, i've just read through this whole thread with a massive smirk on my face, i'm an 84 girl, and remember everything thats been said!!

i used to love my happy pants, we had so many cos my mum used to make ours, and i had a pair of black stirrup pants too.
we played elastics and the hand clapping but for the life of me i cant remember any of the chants we had.
i loved rainbow brite and the smurfs and carebears, and the wuzzles (i asked in the other "older" thread if anyone remembered these but no reply). i had a pound puppy and a cabbage patch doll but i always liked everyone elses better cos mine had short hair (i'll be buying DD a cabbage patch doll too!)

oh i thought of other while i was reading and now i cant remember!! bugger!

oh yeah those ball popping things (the tennis balls cut in half) my brother and i always used have competitions to see whos would go highest. and we were always pinching our grandfathers golf balls to try and cut in half to get the big 'rubber band out'
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oh thats it, i remembered...

what about GOTCHYA(?) clothing jumper and trackies, i think thats what it was called, with the little crocodile. my bro and dad had heaps of this stuff.
hey yeah I'm an '82 baby. I remember all that crap with fond memories!

I am an 1984 girl and i remember almost everyting everyone is taling about but one what or who is the wuzzles? Who remembers the popping bubble gum you could get can't remember when that was though.
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Hey everyone,

im an 87 gal and i remember some of that stuff...especially the hand clapping games, my sisters & i used to play them all the time.

Did anyone watch Johnson & friends ( i think they were late 80's early 90's). My sisters used to watch Fat Cat, the wombles, and paddington bear.

Hi everyone,

I just read this thread and have laughed along with everything you all said. Ok i might have been born in 1978 but i'm still under 30 hahaha. I was brought up in the 80's.

I remember elastics, clapping hand games, skipping rope games, Bullrush (until it got banned at school), handball and that game called Whats the time Mr Wolf.

I also remember Strawberry shortcake, cabbage patch dolls, carebears, smurfs, my little pony, fraggles, the snorks, mighty mouse and the wombles.

I remember Barter Bullets - those velcro sneakers; karate shoes - i had a pair in each colour heheh; jelly shoes; bubble skirts; leg warmers; stirrup trackpants; stonewash denium and fluro t-shirts.

I used to love Madonna and Blondie - would listen to their music for hours and pretend to be them cause they were cool.

Those were the days aye smile

Shelly xx

Hi Shelley

How can we forget abut the game, Whats the time Mr Wolf. I used love playing that game at school.

Hi Girls
Im a 1980 baby.
I'm glad this thread was started. Who remembers playing elastics in primary school, Or what about knuckles???
My favorite memory about growing up in the 80s was on the weekends all the kids in the neighbourhood would ride our bikes all through the neighbourhood, and it was alot safer back then. We'd goto the local corner shop with 50c and get a huge bag full of mixed lollies.
And then hang out in the afternoon having handball competitions.

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