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Hi!! This might be a strange question, but did any of you purchase the simpsons figurines from coles/bilo? I am desperately trying to find two (rare figurines) from series two!! I need tina ballerina and corporal punishment! If anyone has them and would like to part with them, i am willing to pay for them ... I have looked on ebay and people are selling them for ridiculously high prices (as far as im concerned)!! Like they are going for $60 for the two of them ... when although they are rare, they were only $2 to purchase originally!! I appreciate any help!!

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Just thought i would let you know that i have been on the look out but no luck yet.

Have you tried asking if they have any unopened boxes. Just a suggestion becasue where ilooked they had unopened boxes. They also have them at the coles servo's if you have those where you are.

well good luck in finding them. I will continue to keep my eyes open.

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brandons mum, how are you going in your search? I know that our coles has the tina ballerina as I saw it there this morning, but wasn't sure of who she was till I looked at it on ebay!! I might have to go and buy all of them and put them on ebay and make a fortune, but for you......... let me know how you are going! smile

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Hi I too need those two to complete our collection. They are nowhere to be found . I ve even got my mum (who lives 800km away ) looking for them. My husband is a simpsons freak!!!! Icant believe they are selling for $60 on ebay. Good luck let us know if you find them.

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