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Nearly had a heart attack.... Lock Rss

I woke up this morning drove my fiancee to work and had planned a nice day meeting my girlfriend at the plaza doing some shopping and having a nice lunch until in the shower this morning i noticed my engagment ring of missing off my finger! Thinking it was in my bed as sometimes i take them off during the night while asleep, went and had a look and nope could not find it anywhere. Tears start welling in my eyes as i start to panic looking under the bed stripping the bed my ring was nowhere to be seen!
I knew it must be either in the house or the car as i was playing with them in the drive thru at McDonalds after an hour of searching i finally found it lying at the front door under a jumper. I nearly jumped for joy finding it as i have only been engaged for 5 months and cost me a fortune! Now i have a red blotchy face and decided to cancel my lunch date ealier as my ring was priority number one and am going to stay home until i can make it down to the jewellers and get it resized so i can avoid this problem again! Has anybody else had a similar encounter witht their precious rings! I am now over the moon as i was previously very disapointed in myself even though it was not entirely my fault!

DS 21-04-04 & Due 16-11-06

my engagem4ent ring cost a fortune. One day I notice it wasn't on my finger.

"hey honey, hehe, lets do a complete spring clean, doesn't that sound lke fun!!!??"


same at work, complete search...nothing

then I go to put on my gloves one's sitting in my glove finger. I must have pulled it off when I pulled off my glove
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