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Hi, I am at the moment a stay at home mum as i am trained in child care and there seems to be nothing around at the moment. I have a 2 year old daughter and she keeps me pretty busy. But i always get the feeling that if i am sitting at home just doing the house duties, shouldnt i do some training or something and better my career chances, like make a contribution to the family income? i like to be busy all the time. How do other mums stay busy when all the house work is done and there isnt anything left?
Haha, i usually dont get much spare time, as it is pretty constant all day with a 15 month old.
But i hear what you say, i started a thompson direct course, when i first become a stay at home mum, it is just to do something while i am at home and hopefully be able to do things once i have competed cours etc...
Have a look at their site, there is quite a few different things you can choose, and it is all delivered to your door, and you can do it at your own leisure.
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yep same, can't say there is any free time with baby no 6 on the way. but i did go back to work until the 3rd baby for a couple of days a week, i worked at target and loved it just 9am-4pm and as the kids gre to go to school i did 10-2, they were really good to me. Even when everything was done at home, i think we used to go outside and feel the leaves and go for walks and have picnics, always busy fdoing something not always that cost heaps, swimming lessons etc. I know it is difficult when you have one baby and you r are organised you feel like you kind of don't deserve to be home looking after things, but you do deserve it and the easy days will be appreciated when the sicky vomitting days just seem neverending....
i've been back at work parttime for 2.5months, i love it!! i needed to get out and get sum adult interaction! DS was 3months and a GREAT baby so i found myself pretty bored and longing sum conversation. DP gets home from work @ 430pm i work 3 days aweek 3-7 3-9 and 9-5 DS stays with MIL those 3days (every 2nd week) until DP gets home and every other week DP has DS 3-9 and 9-5. i found this to be GREAT for sum father son bonding (without mummy!) i also do AVON.

i think it'd be great to do the thompson courses as a PP sed u can do them in ur own time and it all gets delivered to u and they have SOOOOOOO many different courses!

im actually thinking about doing the nail tech and the beauty therapy ones and perhaps running my own bussiness from home- of course thats in the future like wen DS goes to school or sumthing!
I get very bored also. I used to commute from Gosford to the City everyday (about 2hrs each way) so when I was offered some flexi/job share work after DS was born, I didn't even bother trying to do it.

I am desperate for more to do and to earn some cash but am now due in 7wks so not much point - I'll be very busy again soon and sleep deprieved.

some days seem neverending, and some days seem like there is nothing to do, i have a 3 1/2 year old and a 17 month old and they play toghether alot so once ive done all the daily chores if they dont want me to play with them (shock, it actualy happens) then there is nothing to do so i just use that time to relax come onto huggies or watch some telly cause i know that if i dont relax when dinner time comes and i have to cook, clean and bath the kids and get them ready for bed i will whinge that i have too much to do, although i class myself as a SAHM i do do a bit of night work but that just got cut back to 8 hours a week from 12 as its not that busy ATM but hopefuly that will change soon, who would have thought work could be me
I don't think you need to do any extra study etc. Just do it if you want to. Do you want to?

I have been at home for nearly 6 years. My son is 6 in November.

I now have a daughter, who has just turned 2.

I am pretty busy, I find I am busy enough without worrying about doing anything extra.

Do you have any hobbies? Maybe you could find yourself a hobby. I knit and sew and love reading. I know those sound boring to some but it gives me something that I can do. Also I do some babysitting, ironing and that brings in a little extra cash. Honestly my husband has 2 jobs at the moment, so if I went out to work, it is too much juggling as to who is going to take care of the children, and also I consider the work I put in at home, (cooking meals, laundry, keeping the house clean and tidy) is contribution to the family enough. Because of my husbands work, I do all of this. I am not complaining about having to do all of it, it's just what I do. If I went and got a job, I would have to pay someone else to do my housework, and I am trained in child care also, so I don't want to go back to work lol.

Do you go to playgroups and things like that? There is also story time, lots of libraries have story time.

When my first was around 2, we had playgroup one day, another day was park day, then another was library day. So I had every 2nd day was an activity, it kept us both busy.
Like so many other mums I dont get alot of spare time.

I love to get out in the garden, I like to read, write to my family overseas, catch up with friends.

I dont do alot for myself, but i do get a huge amount of enjoyment from being outside in the garden.

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I just can't believe that some of you are bored!! I wish!! Most days there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day and I have very easy going kids, no idea how I would go if they were a handful! I love being at home with the kids and have no intention of going back to work until they are both in school and only then I will work part time/school hours.

Just do what you fell comfortable doing, don't do anything that you don't want to do.
I am a SAHM, and will be until my girls are at school because dh does shift work, so I will wait and hopefully get a job that gets school hours and school holidays(Im thinking a kind teacher) I dont have time to get bored but I do sometimes crave adult company. I think if you can find the time to do studying and want to do it, go for it!
I think if you have spare time then you should enjoy I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old my day starts around 6am and I dont stop until they go to sleep.We also go to swimming and my eldest does karate and goes to kindy 2 days a week.

I certainly miss adult conversation as my DH works long hours but I am certainly never bored, lonely maybe at times but not a lot of time to do anything about it.

I say if you want to study and feel you have the time for it then go for it! Maybe contact your local tafe or a job train type place and see what is available.
hye peady i am also a trained child care worker and when my maternity leave was up i didnt go back to either of the two jobs i was working beforehand because i enjoy being at home with my daughter and whilst we financially just get by on one income my fiance and i prefer that i stay at home. some days i feel like i would like to contribute financially though and i was told that its hard to get back into the field of child care if you have been away from it for awhile and that you should work to keep your skills updated. next year when heidi goes to preschool one day a week i am going to get my first aid certificate up to date and perhaps do a couple of seminars and workshops through the tafe,uni or community college. i did a couple before i fell pregnant and they look great in your resume and add to the skills you already have. i know some preschools have fundraising committees so perhaps that is a way that you can be a part of the profession and use your spare time to help a needy centre.

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