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One of those touchy subjects: I was just wondering what everyone is teaching their kids to call their private parts. My guys are all bathed together and now that DS is becoming more aware of things I realise it is time to start thinking of what to call them.

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Penis and vagina.

My 11 yr old DD was always told that and when learning the facts of life at school they were referred to as the womans "private part"...he said to the teacher - do you mean vagina? LOL.

what else are you going to call them? winky? missy?

Hey Belinda,

we call the vagina a 'diddy' and the penis a 'doodle' and boobs are just plain old 'boobies'!!

Hallie is so clever now that she knows that a girl has a diddy and a boy has a doodle!! She likes to rattle off who has what in the family!!

Haha the joys of a two year old!!

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

Must admit Stu has always called it, his doodle and boobs, boobs. But now Stu wants to know what Nat and Teg have. He too is very vocal, I would hate to teach him the wrong thing as I am sure that he will say it in the most inappropriate time

My busy house

My mother always called them private parts. I will call them vagina and penis, as when i was little other kids that knew what the real names were, would say it and i wouldnt know what they were talking about.

So they thought that was funny. I will also use the term 'private parts'.
But my kids will know the correct name.

Willy, Fanny, Boobies and Bum or Bottom.
In our house we call them penis, vagina, and boobs.

My three year old calls her vagina vagino and no matter how many times I correct her she still calls it her vagino.

It is a little cute, every time she neds to do a wee she comes and tells me that there is a wee in her vagino and it has to come out.

I taught my 13yr old the correct terms. And I am teaching my 2.5yr old the same, he now wants to why his sister doesnt have a penis.

I found that many of the kids in my DS1 age, were very overwhelmed when it came to sex education because they were not taught the correct names.
Why teach a child the wrong name then have to re-teach them the correct one, I dont see the point.

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I am teaching my daughters that a man has a penis and a woman has a vagina. I do not personally see the point in teaching them other terms- when they have a perfectly good name already.

As a child I was raised differently- my mum and dad never used the correct names and to this day they still don't. They cringe when my daughters say the word vagina- you should have seen how they react when my oldest (sitting in the backseat of their car) said to her grandma- I came out of my mummies vagina when I was born!!! Nearly caused a car accident.

Each to their own call it what you want- but- I think calling a penis and vagina by any other name to your child is usually something people do for their own comfort- because they are not comfortable with using the correct terminology. I want my girls to know what all the parts of their bodies are called- I want them to be comfortable with themselves- and this is one of my small ways of helping achieve this.

My children (9yo and 2yo) correct people when someone else calls their vagina by any other name.

It really is up to parents
i have boys, and they have willies.
when it comes to that time i will be teaching my kids the correct names. you get other names involved and kids get we use fanny as a word for vagina Americans use it as a word for their bottoms... and i dont like that word anyway... same as doodle (i dont like it) it will be known as a penis.
but each to their own

We also say willies in our house as I have 3 males living here.....I will have to explain my bits and pieces to them as they get older!


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