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maternity payment Lock Rss

hi there,
does anyone know exactly how much the one off maternity payment is this finacial year??

i knew it was $3000, but have heard it may have gone up??

any one know
I am not sure but I din't think it went up until after next finacial year.

Sorry I am not much help
hope someone can tell you


Hey Kristy,
I think it is $3000 up until the end of the 2005 financial year, then it goes up to $4000 on 1st July 2006, then $5000 1st July 2008, so up a grand every 2nd financial year. So I might put off falling pregnant by 3 months and pick up the extra grand! LOL, only kidding, we are trying now!!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

Its $3069 and it goes to $4000 from July 1 06, and then i think it goes to $5000 the next financial year or the one after.


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