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What does your dh do ? Lock Rss

My DH is an electrical engineer, started his own business when DS was 5 weeks old.
I rarely see him (hence all the time I spend on here lol).
He gets a lot on contracts in the mines.
Some days he leaves home at 7am and we don't see him again until 9pm (last week he never once got home before 10pm!).
He is doing something that he loves though, and it has reaped it's rewards, unfortunately we (his family) pay the ultimate price.
When he is home, he will sit and build blocks with DS or dig in the yard with him, or give HIS princess cuddles.
Some days I wish he did only work 9-5 though.
Good thing I'm independent though.

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

my hubby is a painter is a sub ccontractor.
My DP is a fitter and turner. He works 7am-3.30pm (but usually starts at about 5-6am to get some overtime)he finishes at 12pm on Fridays and then works most sats till 10am. They're great hours I think, lots of time left for us!

My DH is also a Trukkie (or as he calls it a Freight Relocation Engineer). He is away two niights at a time. Its great to have the bed to myself sometimes especially in summer not so good in winter. He is so addiceted to trucks that we had to call our male dog "Kenny" and if we got a girl "Star", thank goddness that I came up with DD's name don't know what it would have been otherwise! Dee, I read about the comp in "Trukin Life" how do you enter it?
My dh is a plasterer and up until about 3 weeks ago he was only working about 20-30hrs a week which was a real killer on the budget but he has just started with a new company and he is working 10hr days 5 days a week and working 8hrs on saturday!! Now i can pay the bills, keep a roof over our head, do the groceries and still have a little bit left over!!
For all you truckies wives out there i know what you are all going through, my dad is a truckie and i hate when he's on interstate i worry so much. I have been on many trips with dad and some of the stupid things that car drivers do is just crazy!! But as mentioned earlier, what would we do without them!! Keep on truckin guys!!

high school teacher. leaves the house about 7.45am back about 4.30pm sometimes, earlier sometimes later and two weeks off every 10 weeks

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

my dh is a painter-sub-contractor, but we are currently in the search to lease a convenience store

love my boys

WOW girls its surprising how many different areas our other halfs work in. There is a lot of truckies out there which is good as i for 1 have nothing against truckies as i no what its like for the family to be sitting at home worrying, I no heaps of people that dont like truckies but they are what keeps this country eating etc.
Wow, I can't believe how many of our partners are truckies, it really doesn't seem that there are as many young people going into the business but obviously they are.
I juts think its sad that all our truckie partners get put in the same because of shows like A Current Affair etc, they're not all like that!!
I'm not sure who posted it but I know what you mean about people having no respect for trucks, I know it can be the truck drivers at times but I don't know how many times I have seen cars speed up to try and get past trucks and some of the stories DH tells me about driving up the bush, people expect him just to be able to pull up and stop with a full load of logs to let them through and he had so many near misses with cars being on the wrong side of the road up the bush
DP works for Coles in the Distribution Centre, usually on the forklift. His hours are 6.00-2.30 which is really good. He doesnt work far from home, so it home by 2.45 most days.

my DP is a harvester driver for Nerada Tea Estates.
before that he was a Skidder driver. which is the machine they use to pull the cut down trees out of the forest to a loading ares for trucks to load. with that job who worked out of town so we only saw him on weekends.
the job he has now he works 12 hour days 5 days a week.

Hi, My DP is an electrician and works at the slipway. He does all the electrical work for the navy and other boats that come in as well as around the slipway itself. He works good hours, 7am-3.30 most days (some overtime when navy boats are in) and 7am-12 on a saturday. His hours are good as he is home early enough to spend a few hours with the kids etc

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