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My DH is a Sheet metal worker.
He also works around 40 hours per week and will work extra hours on weekends if needed.

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My DF is a copper and works a 40hr week but can get called out during the night or when off-duty. Works most weekends but now that Im home during the week at least I can see him on his days off.
my DH work in the grocery and trolleys departments of a supermarket. he works around 45 hours a week. 5 days of 3pm til midnight. Good because he is around for the morning and most of the afternoon which is when i prefer to do my cleaning etc anyway smile

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My DH is a Mechanical Engineer. He specialises in Designing Alumina Refineries.

He has flexible hours as he is a contractor. He recently had 10 days away in France (lucky bugger) but other than that he usually leaves home around eight and is home about six thirty.

And I know about the flack truckies cop. I'm a commercial claims officer for a large insurance company and the amount of times we are told our clients are responsible for hitting someone in the rear when that person cut in front of them. Most people don't realise the stopping distance needed for a fully loaded truck!

And the Current Affair story - don't get me started. We had a "mumma is yelling at the telly" situation at my place.

Legally both vehicles would share responsibility because they were both merging into the middle lane at the time of the accident, however most drivers don't take note of the signs on trucks and buses which say "If you can't see my mirrors I can't see you".

My DF works in the medical records department of a major hospital in Brisbane sorting millions of patient charts and archiving files of all of the hospital departments. Works 7.30 - 3.30 which is great because they are the same hrs i work. Im at the same hospital but in finance so we see each other a fair bit and we both have time to play with the girls after work.

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My hubby is a painter working around 40 hours a week.
My dad was a interstate truckie, i loved going in the truck, i remember squashing a car as it come along the inside as we turned the corner!
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My hubby's an IT Director for a large accounting firm. He loves it which I think is great - I envy people who find things they love AND can make a living from it! Bonus is the pay is great. Downside is he's oncall pretty much 24/7.

Doesn't seem to be too many white-collar hubbies on here though smile]
dh is a duty manager for Coles and usually starts at 4.30pm and works through to midnight most nights and some nights does 5pm to 4am (when floors need to be resurfaced when store closes at 9pm) he usually does mon-fri

i was called ballo!

currently my hubby is a SAHD, but he also works for himself, when he does work he works around my shifts but mainly does little jobs for friends.

He is still learning the whole SAHD thing but he is getting there
My dh is a mad scientist - chemistry. He was recently working as an industrial chemist but now has changed sides working for local govt making sure the industries are not screwing the environment with their chemicals. He is home by 4.30 or 5.
I'm an environmental planner working 3 days a week.
Sounds like we're Family Planet but really we're just wannabees who are bureaucrats.
Our DS is fulltime GORGEOUS!

My DH is the managering director of a tyre service. He works 60+hrs a week, monday to saturday. He also does all after hour call outs, so as not to disturb his staff...or pay overtime!! Haha Tight a$$!!

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie!!

My DH is a copper and works 7 days one week and three the next. He works a 40 hr weeks but is on call the week he work 7 days.
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