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my DP is a delivery driver/sales assistant for RETRAVISION he works 38 hours a week

Tamara ALEXANDER 30/11/06

I think my hubby is a lucky man he is Mr Mum and looks after our son while I go to work. I work in the finance industry and get paid more so it makes sense to us.
Best of all he actually appreciates how hard being a stay at home mum is.
Hey my hubby is also a truck driver usually leaves home about 3am and gets back home anywhere from 3pm on wards & sometimes doesn't even get home. It is terrible some of the story's he comes homes and tells me about cars pulling out in front of him and over taking him on double white lines and squeezing in between other cars or trucks and him coz they are to impatient to wait. It is a scary job and you do always wonder if they are ok. His brother has been in 2 truck accidents neither of them his fault but luckily his ok. Like some of trucks signs say now "WITHOUT TRUCKS AUSTRALIA STOPS" so please remember everyone there out there making a living for there families and there not all the same...If anyone else would like to chat coz there hubby/partner drives trucks & they get lonely sometimes like me let me know.

Baby No:4 Due 23rd November 2009

My DH owns a cafe.
He also owns another business that is just about to launch in the states.

My DH is a chef and works split shifts (9am-2pm, 5pm-10pm) 5 days a week. He has Mondays to stay at home with our bub as I am a teacher and have to work through the week. The hours suck and the pay isn't that great but he loves to create new dishes and is doing what he can to support bub and I.
My Dh is a Fleet Supervisor for a freighting company. He does a rotating shift for 2 calendar months he works 12midnight-8am and when the shift changes he works 12noon-8pm.

I prefer the midnight start, I get the bed to myself at night but he's home early enough in the morning to help get the kids ready and he's there at night to lend a hand cooking dinner etc.

Karen, DS1 31/8/03, DD 12/3/07, DS2 16/12/09

My DH is a stock agent - he buys and sells sheep, cattle goats, etc for farmers as well as drafting off the best/worst stock for them to sell or keep, has to quote the markets to farmers and questimate prices for their stock and source bulls/rams other stock if they want it. Hours are all over the shop - as with most in the farming industry - but it's usually 7.30 or 8am to 5.30 or 6.30 most days, every Friday he has a sheep sale in the big regional centre 50kms away, so he's helping the branch get the sheep drafted for sale. Fridays can start at 7am during the quiet months, and at 3am if its a busy selling time like the spring moneths when there's lots of prime lambs being turned off by farmers. But of course, it's a flluid arrangement - a couple of weekends ago he got a phone call to help a farm load sheep at 9am on a Sunday morning ... and the farm was 3/4hr away.
He also sells stock, so he does that whole fast talking, fast adding up, thing that I get completely lost with ... and he can count sheep running through a gate 4 abreast and not lose count.

And he can't wait till our DD gets old enough to open gates so he can take her with him on odd times (like weekend jobs).

Isobel 19/7/06 Molly 14/2/08 Sam 4/10/09

My DP works in a paint shop. He had been a funeral director for 6 years when i met him, and continued to do it for another 3 years until he changed jobs.

Gee wizz! few tradies, engineering, truckies, and some retail ppl. Really give you a idea where all the jobs are in Australia, mainly truckies, mines and tradies.

Well Ill add a different area, my DH is pretty much a District Manager for a fast food chain, and no I dont really eat the fast food since the novelty has weared off ages ago LMAO. But he does his job well enough to organise his own rostered hours has 2 days off during the week at his choice, but can work night shift depending what he has to do at his stores.

We are both 2 different ppl in the workforce, he is the thinker and im the doer. Myself used to work in the Installation of security, cctv, fire alarms, access control etc and now servicing Fire Extingushers. I finish up in 2 weeks so.


My DF is an IT technician. He works 8:30 - 4:30 with a nine day fortnight.
He works for the education department down here in tassie, he fixes and installs computers in schools.
My DP is a bricklayer, blocklayer, plasterer and tiler and paints on occasion lol. He works 40 to 50 hours a week normally and loves his job so much.

DP is a contractor at the lead smelter in town. He usually leaves at 5am and gets home around 7pm. although some nights he does night shifts which are from 7pm to 6am. He says its not hard work, just difficult with unpredictable hours.
Although I can hopefully get a job soon so he can spend more time at home with DD.
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