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stay at home mum wondering if daycare would benefit toddler Rss

Hi guys I am a happy sahm with a son who is 2 years and 4 months and a baby girl who is 7 months... For the last 6 months I have been going back and forth trying to decide whether placing my son in daycare one day a week would be good for his social development... I have never been away from him at all as all my extended family live interstate and I am just finding that Riley is quite unsociable with other kids even though I still have my Mothers group and I worry about him because he starts kindy in a year and a half... Can anyone offer me their opinions
Daycare would definatly help your DS develop his social interaction skills! But you need to find a DCC that both you and DS are comfortable with so he will feel safe and you will feel safe leaving him there.

One day a week is great to start off with then as he gets closer to going to kindy perhaps increase it to 2 days so he can get used to being away form you more often.

This time away from DS will give you precious one on one time with your DD also!

Or you can put DD in for a few hours and go out with frinds for a coffee or even do your shopping in peace...mummys alone time is important too!

Also dont forget to apply for child care benefit through centerlink if you can cos day care can be expensive without it!!


Mummy to 3 little goblins

I thought I would be a SAHM but after a year, decided I wanted to work part time - mostly because being a SAHM for me was extremely isolating.

Anyway, I popped DD into kindy and never looked back. Once we got over the inital separation anxiety, it was an extremely rewarding experience. DD developed in leaps and bounds, not just socially but with her life skills and core educational skills. I got some time out back at work so it was a 'win win' for us.

I think your little fella would benefit from 1-2 days a week in care for the 9-12 months before pre-school at least. It will make the transition to pre-school a lot easier for him and of course, you will have adjusted to the separation.

Either way, good luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months


I put Connor in daycare after he started getting really clingy and wouldnt even go to my mum. He is at that clingy satge again now, but because daycare is familiar to him he really loves it.
Hes nearly 11 months old. Hes in one day a week now, but was going 2.
I think its good for them as well because of the other activities they do. I do painting and things at home, but they have different things for him to do and sing songs and have lots of fun.

With the toddlers they play games, sing songs, do arts and crafts. Play outside etc. There is so muh for them to do. Connor always comes home tired from a big day at daycare.

But if you were going to put him in i would go with him a few times first, just to get him used to the careers, have a talk to them so hes knows that mummy knows them and talks to them, so they are ok.

And at first just leave him in for a few hours.

You find that the kids that do cry when there parents leave, usually dont cry long. Its very rare that you get a child crying for hours.

Good Luck.

I think outside care is important for socialising and allowing you to be able to separate from you child. I think learning how to interact with other children and other people is important for when they start school, as well as learning to adapt to other peoples rules and routiens. ALso if you looked into care it would give you and your new baby to have some one on one bonding which you and your older child would have experienced all the time. And your older child may enjoy the break from their younger sibling too. I know my son enjoys the break!

If you are not so keen on childcare as such, is there any kindy's that do occasional care at all?
I have sent my kids to occasional care. It is for three hours a day. I sent them once a week. They loved it. Check with your council. It cost around $14
Yes socialisation is very important for both the children but don't forget about you! You need some adult conversation too.
If you are really unsure about leaving your son, try finding a local playgroup to attend on a weekly basis at first. It'll give both you & the children a little social contact and you'll probably meet a number of other parents that put their children into care on a casual basis at the various local centres, it'll be a good way to get a bit of info about them from families using the services rather than just from the staff.
Don't forget to also check out Family Day Care. It is a small group with a single carer, this can help your children to settle because it's not so busy and so care is more personalised and tailored to your family and child's needs.
Good luck with your search for care and remember to be positive when talking to the kids about it. If you're excited they will cope with the transition much better.

Hi there, i don't think very meny people will agree with me but this is just my opinion so i mean absolutely any offence.....

I agree childcare is good for mothers who need to go to work and don't have any other option, but imo, i don't think its neccessary for children who have SAHM's.
Yes, it may help with confidence and child interaction but kindy will really help with that.
My mothers group id in the childcare in a different section while there i noticed 2 signs which alarmed me, the first stated that rubella (which hasn't been around this area for 20 odd years) was spreading rapidly around the children (even some immunised children got this) and the second stated that hand, foot and mouth disease was spreading amoungst the children. This alarmed me every much.
Also a few of my cousin's and friends babies/children who have gone to daycare have become violent and aggressive as they pick up on other's bad behaviour. Our parents had no such thing as childcare in their day and we all turned out alright (i think hehe)

Other options are going to playgroup with your son so you can interact with him and other parents so he is not left in other care or organise playdates with other children his age, even if its only for an hour or so.

My point is, it is such a big decision which shouldn't be taken lightly especially if you do not have to put your son in there for work purposes. You know your child best and will know in your heart the right decision for him and you.

I hope i have not come across as rude, its jmo.

Good luck with your decision smile
yes day care would help your son develop his social skills and many more. but you do need to find a child care centre that suits you and you child needs.

i use to work in a long day care centre. and i use to find that children who only came once a week took longer to settle(child and parents.) so if you do decide on child care give it bout 4mnths before you decide if you are happy or not.

good luck.

ali = )

I agree with Stacey, it is not something that I would be doing. I would suggest joining a playgroup or two and maybe joining one of the council run activities for kids. He still has a long time to work on his socialization with you along side him for support rather then being thrust into an unknown environment with out you and full of strangers.
I have done the same as Henny Penny and use a council run Occassional Care Centre, I started DS as he had very bad social skills and I tried Playgroup and Mums Group but he hid behind me the entire time and was terrified of other kids. The first two weeks of sending him he cried when I left but I have a friend who works there and she slowly integrated him into the group and now he is a different boy, he is confident and happy and loves going.
DD started going this term at 15mths as she wanted to stay with DS all the time, so they go for 3- 3.5hrs per week and they love it I wouldn't dream of taking them out and it only costs me $16.00 for two kids.
It is totally up to you and I found it a really hard decision to make and felt guilty about it for quite a while but since seeing how much they enjoy it I wouldn't change it. I also copped a bit though from one of my friends who told me I was being lazy because I am a SAHM but I think its up to you and while I do enjoy my 3hrs a week to myself all I really do is clean anyway!!
Good Luck with your Decision.
My two year olds twins started day care for one day a week in February of this year. I hadn't started my job then and put them in for one day a weekfor them to have a break from me and for me to have a me day. Well a few weeks after I found my current job and increased there days to tow a week.

They have gained so much from day care and love it and love the girls that look after them. As of next week they will be going three days a week. I have noticed suh a huge difference in the two of them since starting day care.

All the best with what you decide.
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