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this is icky, but just wondering about ingrown toenails Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I have an ingrown toenail (big toe) and was just wondering if anyone has had previous experience with this.

Will it grow out itself or do I need to go and see my doc? It isn't tooo bad but some days it is really sore, and I have noticed that my ankle is now aching because I am walking weirdly.

Cheers for your advise

hi there you poor thing sad . i actually had this problem when i was a teenager. it will not frow out you need to see some one to get it cut out. i found going to a perdiatrist(sp?) much better as they only take out the nail under the skin and it does not hurt, as if you went to a doctor the would take half the nail( well thats what my doctor did anyway)and it bloody hurts.
i feel for you, they are the wosrt things.

ouchhhhhhhhh....I am such a sook...I don't wanna goooooooo lol

You need to see a paeditrist(sp)??
They are really good for fixing your nails up straight away!

it will feel so so so so much better, i got them really bad they ended up burning the nail under the skin so theyt would not grow back, have not had a problem since.

Thankyou ladies (cry cry cry), I will get onto organising this....I know it will be better once it's done, just being a sook, you know like when you have a toothache, you know if you go and get it fixed it will be heaps better, but we all hate dentists lol.

My friend recently had to get the Dr to remove a lot of the nail because he left it too long and it was badly infected. he was told to prevent his other toe (also ingrown) from getting worse to "train" the nail to regrow. He does this by using a pointy nail file (in the manicure sets) and lifting the nail so it sits above the skin. Whatever you do dont cut the nail yourself - if all else fails see a podiatrist.

After having the whole nail removed 5 times and having a section removed 2 times, I can suggest a couple of things.

No 1: if it is infected go and see your doctor for some antibiotics - do not let them touch it but get them to give you the number of the best poditrist in the area. When the infection has cleard you need to go to the poditrist and have them deal with it. There are many was they can do this and if it will hurt they will numb the area first.

One thing though poditary is not on the medicare register so your looking at $50 for a visit - but with doctors (4 different ones) botching up 4 removles and 1 section removle then you can not even trust it.

Hope you can deal with it - good luck

My DH suffered an ingrown toenail only a couple of months ago. He kept picking at it, and making it worse, until it was all swollen and feral. He went on antibiotics, which helped a little, but then the doc had to give him a couple of locals around his toe (very painful - sorry!) then she had to cut away some of the swollen flesh then cut out half the toenail, he ended up with stitches, and was on painkillers for days. He couldn't walk on his toe properly for days afterwards. Moral to the story? Don't leave it as long as my DH did. And whatever you do, don't cut at the bit of toenail growing into your skin, it will only make it worse. One of the best things to do is cut a 'V' in the middle of your toenail, which will encourage your toenail to grow in, rather than out IYKWIM??
Hope that helps!

Thanks for all the info everyone...It is infected and I may have left it too long thinking it would grow out on its own but I will go and get it seen to straight away.

OK...made an appointment at podiatrist for 5pm tomorrow smile

Thankyou again for those who responded.
[Edited on 15/08/2007]

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