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Your kids or DH? Who do you love more???? Lock Rss

Did anyone see the Oprah ep (a few years ago) where she had a guest on that said she loved her DH more than her kids. I was gobsmacked. She also went on to say that if anything was to happen to DH she would be devastated and would never recover from it but if it was one of her kids she would be able to get on with her life. I was totally gobsmacked by now.

How do other people think? DH first, kids second or DH and kids on the same level, love them just as much equally or like me where my kids come first, they are loved the most. I know if anything happened to DH I would be devastated but would recover but if anything happened to my kids, I honestly dont know how I would recover and a piece of me would be permanently missing.


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Well my dh is my soulmate, my whole life. My girls are my world and a part of me. To lose either would destroy me!! They are both different kinds of love, but at an equal level. I couldnt choose
I agree, kids come first for me

I think the woman meant things a little differently to the way you have worded it, she was talking about protecting your relationship with your husband, and that being your number 1 priority, and i tend to agree. I love my kids with all my heart but i also think that if you dont look after your relationship then things will fall apart, not only for you but for the kids as well. By taking care of your relationship, you are having the kids best interests at heart !!

Declan 7/12/04 & Taryn 25/4/07

Yes I did see that eps and I was very shocked. I think that topic came up again recently on some radio station around here.

I think your kids should always come first no matter what. & that's not to say that I don't love my DP because I do and that wouldn't be upset if anything happened to him, because I would. I just think I would be able to deal/cope with it better. Were as if something were to happen to my kids I don't think I could go on.

They are both my world. I would be lost without either!!!
I agree with mars and sarah - two very different loves, I would be destroyed to lose either and I hope I wouldn;t ever have to choose.


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i agree two different kind of love. i would be lost with out either of them

Oh and you gotta remember your will kids grow up and leave home - your partner won't (hmmm - won't grow up or won't leave? you decide lol), so you need to have something left between you to survive empty nest syndrome or whatever they call it.
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Thats right, I do remember that show. I hadn't put much thought to it since having my own DD, but since this thread, I remember it quite disticntly.

For me, I think there are so many different types of love. From the love of a husband, to the love of chocolate, to the love of your child and say the love of a warm summer breeze. There isn't one description or particular feeling that encompasses 'love' - it really varies.

As our little one is just that, little and defensless, she is both our priority. We both love her 100% and she comes first. In terms of our relationship, DH and I still love each other, actually probably more because we are just not two people any-more, we are also parents.

I don't see why you can't love your partner and children equally. But, a child is loved more in terms of they usually have two parents and then a host of other family members who love them lots - so as a whole, they are probably loved and nurtured more.

Great thread, really got me thinking.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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