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Photobook Lock Rss

glad to hear it finally worked!

thanks so much, yep i am very proud
So to get a 2nd book how do you get it?

I read people say they are using different email accounts, how do you get more than one account?

I have a hotmail one could i use that?

amy~ if u have different email addresses just sign up again using a diff 1 ie; [email protected]= 1 account and [email protected]= 1 completely different account
Thanks Heaps!!!

Im still waiting for my first one and then ill do more!!!

So ill set up some hotmail accounts ready!!!

Hi Girls,

I know that you can order them using different e-mail addresses but what postal addresses do u girls give. Do u give the same postal address or different address like ur Mums or sister or friends addresses.

i used my address for all of them, but 1 was sent straight to my dad. and used the same credit card.
Hi, sorry, someone asked B4 when it expires... it finishes on the 29/9/07 as per the fine print in the BHG mag that the offer was in.
I'm also waiting on one... another one is in the making... I just wish we had bought a digital camera long ago! unfortunatly i don't have that many photos..

Has anyone ordered a calendar? I was thinking of doing one for my mum for next yr as she lives overseas.. if you've done one, were you happy with it? Any tips?

oh sorry, of course it would be in the fine print, i didn't read the mag just stole the code, HAHAHA

do you know if it says if it would work in NZ? supermummy wants to make one but we dont know if the code would work.

i havent ordered a calender but i did make my own last year, using publisher. and took them to officeworks and got the tops bound
is there an australian address you can post it to and then get them to send it across to you at all?

if you are getting a couple you could wait until they get them all and then post them as one lot
I've just finished my first one and I'm addicted. They look great and are a super idea. My husband is sick of me saying how great they are. I'm also telling all my friends. Thanks for sharing the great opportunity.

Claire - if you have a visa card or a mastercard you shouldnt have any problems using it, im pretty sure that they can be used anywhere, the worst thing it is going to do is decline it.
Claire, it would be a bit of a pain in the butt, but you could make the book in the NZ site, go through the checkout try the code, if it doesnt work then dont confirm it and it wont charge you.

would eb alot of hassle though if it didn't work, although if it didn't you could share it with your AUS account and just order through there without making a whole new book, IYKWIM?
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