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are there aldi stores where u live? they will save you money

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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try this website: Simple Savings Secrets. Its on A Current Affair show often for good money saving tips. It costs money but they often have deals:


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have you thought about having a garage sale or going to swap meet?good way to make some extra cash (I know its only a one off) and you will be surprised at how much you can make.
You get rid of your old stuff too, maybe handy coming up to xmas, make room for the new things...
my partner and his mate go regularly and last time my other half made $400, with his old car parts he not using and tomorrow he is taking emily old baby clothes and toys, even if its only $50 we make off it, thats a summer wardrobe for her...
and in south australia we get 5c for cans which doesnt sound like much but it all add up

We have a cashback option on our mortgage, and I put all our savings in there. With the first $8000 I deposited we started saving $55 a month in repayments as it offsets our interest (or something lol!). The more we save the more we offset and the cash is available to us if we need it.

Pay your home loan f/n you will save years of payments and thousands of $$ in the long term.

Sorry no short term tips ATM!

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I have an account at my bank (commonwealth) I call it my christmas account, not sure what it's actually called? I have $10 each pay put straight into the account sometimes during the year I will put the deposit up to as much as $50. If you don't touch the money in the account for 12 months you get bonus interest. I never have less than $300 that I can withdraw and spend at Christmas time.

I have a friend that saves for christmas by buying gift vouchers all year at the stores she likes to buy prezzies from eg Big W, Target, Kmart. These vouchers also cross over to woolworths or coles.

I direct debt $10 per pay off my electricity account so my bills already have approx $60 paid off them when I get them. But if I have enough money to pay the bill I pay it in full so I have credit in the lean and expensive months eg winter.

I pay what I can off my phone bill each pay so there isn't as much to outlay when the bill actually comes in.

I buy my boys clothes at the end of season sales and if I need to buy something mid season I try to get it on special eg % off sales. I rarely pay full price for clothes. The best i've done is $225 worth of clothes for $48.

I lay-by nappies when on special at big w in 2 box batches as that is on average how many boxes I use a fortnight. You can extend a lay-by out to 8 weeks so I do 4 lay-bys. This saves around $80.

AKA- 2_little_monkeys or 2 little angels

Buy from bulk butchers if there's one in your area. About 2 weeks ago we got 4 whole rumps for $4.99/kg (supermarkets sell rump for about $16/kg). The total cost was about $100. We just slice up the rumps and pack into vac-seal bags for freezing. The four rumps will last about 2-3 mths.

You can get 3kg Napisan at BigW for about $18, much cheaper than 2kg for $14 at supermarket
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