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Day care Center vs Family Day Care Lock Rss

Has anyone had any experiences with both Day care centres and Family day care and what are you opinions about then?
Mydaughter went into Day care Centre at the age of six months because we had to run a business.
She picked up colds etc, and this is normal for day care centres. The down side to this was she would then pass them on to us and we found that hard getting up with her and us and then doing a full 10 hours per day.
So then I chose family day care.
My daughter is nearly three and attends family day.
I changed because of all the colds. Now there is a small playgroup of three every dayand she enjoys the company. We have had the odd winter as expected cold nothing more and this suits our family.
Both are good it is a personal trial and error thing, that in the end you do what suits you the best.


Hi there. Im lost because I dont know the difference between day care and "family" day care. Could someone explain it to me?

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06


Day care is usually at a centre where there are quite a few kids and a few carers as well. Family day care is usually run by council and it is basically run out of someone's house. My son is in family day care and he goes to his carers house and she minds no more than 5 kids at any one time (and no more than 2 under 2). Council (or the regulating body) regularly checks that the house is safe and the environment is right and that they are following the correct programs. My son LOVES going to family day care and the only down side I see to it is if the carer is on holidays or sick, then we have to find alternative care. If she is away for long periods, then the council places him in another family day care environment, or we go back to relying on Grandparents to mind him. Therefore it is not for everyone but because it is a small group of kids, they still interact but not on such a large scale. My family day carer also takes my son to playgroup once a week so he mixes with other kids as well. Hope this helps.

Family day care is where you take your child to a carer's home to be looked after instead of a day Care centre. The carer is ussually registered with the local council and has a maximum of 5 children under her care.
Hi All

I have both my children in Day care and have not had any problems other than the occasional cold (like every kid gets and one case of headlice which she could have gotten from anywhere). I have chosen day care as I know who is looking after my children and who will be there. I did not like family day care (which I tried first) as there was not enough safe guards on who was at the careers house when my children where there. I understand that they have rules but as the careers are only monitored occasionly and when someone makes a complaint I was uneasy leaving my children there (she was a nice lady), I just felt too uncomfortable and could not concertrate at work as I was too busy thinking of them. I choose day care any day over family daycare and I have found that it has prepared my daughter for kinder as she is used to the larger number ok kids which can be frightening to small children. I hope this helps.

Michelle - Mum to Bridgett (4yrs) & William (7Wks)

I am a qualified Carer and I personally feel that Day Care Centres are a better option for children as they get the interaction with children their own age as well as different age groups, the carers have a support network and therefore can have a break if the children are being difficult however a Family Day Care Carer is stuck at home with the children all day and doesn't get a break.

I also have heard horror stories about Family Day Care Carers having sleeps while children play, going down to the corner shop and leaving the children at home and I also believe that there is more possibility of abuse to children in the Family Day Care environment. It is personal opinion and each child is unique but thats my thoughts on Day Care.

I would rather go without so I can stay home and give my children the care that they need however I understand some parents have businesses and obligations and therefore don't have the choice to stay home and I really feel for them. The first six years are so important. Good luck to you all!

QLD, 4yr Son & 16mth Daughter

Hi, I currently work in a child care centre and have done so for the past 10 years. I would highly recommend it!!! The children I work with look foward to coming to kindy everyday to see their friends, learn something new and develop their skills in all areas. I treat the children as I would treat my own, I give them friendship and respect their right as individuals to grow. My biggest suggestion when choosing the right centre for your child would be to go in and meet the teacher and maybe spend and hour or so observing the way they interact with the children. You will immediately know if she is the right person and if you are going to feel comfortable leaving your child with her. In regards to sickness, children need to build up their immune system. Not all children catch whatever is going around as every child is different. Goodluck in deciding!!! I love my job and the kids, so I'm very biased.

Nicole NT

hi there,
i know every body has their own opinions and i have tried both and im also a family day care carer. so to each family it is different day care centers are wonderfull as it gives the children a lot of new experiances as well as meeting new friends and i also think that family day care is great as well as the children have more one on one with the carer as their aint so many children and if your lucky enough to stay with the same care provider they get used to them and can build a great bond with them and they are always willing to go as they know what other children are going to be their. you are always having house inspections to make sure the children are safe. and any one who enters into your house has to have a police check. so we have a lot of rules to go by and i know that some care providers are just not cut out to care for children. but every body has the right to decide what is best for them and i hope this helps
any one with questions please feel free to email me or leave a message at [email protected]

thanks and good luck

(sony) mother and stepmother to five children

hello all,

this is a hard one!!
my brother had speech problems & came along so well with his family day care lady my sister also went & they both loved going & looked forward to seeing her.

my eldest also did 1 day a week for 6 weeks when the twins were due & loved it, but i also think there is more chance of children being abused & neglected in these homes, i occasionally walk past a house that i know is a family day care house & always here her yelling & screaming at the children but there are some nice people out there i've even thought about doing this myself.

and then there's childcare, i took rickson to the centre when he was 10 mths & couldn't bare to leave him because in a babies room there is 2 adults & 8 babies & too often you see only 1 adult with all the babies while the other is cleaning or feeding a child or putting just one baby to sleep which makes it impossible for the other to take GOOD CARE of the other children, we ended up putting him in there when he was nearly 2 yrs old just 1 day a week & the first couple of weeks were fine but then every week he would scream & be genuinely upset when we left him there & i've been told too many times that they all do it & they're fine once you leavebut somtimes i would wait outside until he stopped only to find it had been 20 mins.

with the twins i needed driving lessons so i put them in childcare at 5 mths for 1 day a week & at six mths i got a phone call to tell me one of my babies had a nosebleed from a little bump (he had been proped up on a pillow just after waking & fell forward) she was busy cleaning the room while the other was outside with all the other children we rushed him to the hospital (he was ok)but had to see a ENT SPESCIALIST a week later to check for permanent damage & a septal hematoma (blood clot like thing in his nose)only to be told that his nose had been fractured or brokenbut is straighter now than it was before so we are lucky that he didn't need any surgery but 2 weeks later rickson split his chin open washing a toy in the bathroom sink (yes he was naughty but the ADULTS should have seen that he was in there) the centre called & left a message as i was out but did not even try the mobile by the time i got the message it had been 2 hours & he was sleeping they assured me it was just a little cut a he was fine so i waited until he woke before picking him up a total of 4 hours from time it happened by the time he seen the DR it was 51/2 hours & was too late but he should have had 2 stitches.
& there are lots of other little things to look out for like reheating bottles, putting babies at the top end of the cot, stuffing pillows beside babies so that they don't slip in swings(THINK OF THE SUFFOCATION), seat belts almost torn on older equipment, THERE WERE TACKS ON THE FLOOR UNDER THE HIGH CHAIRS THAT MY SON WAS CRAWLING UNDER. my children have been at home with me for the last tree mths, my licence can wait.

and the sad thing is that this is not a bad centre, accidents happen no matter which centre it is & these little things may not be seen but are also present in most centres. execpt for the tacks they were on the wall as a temporary measure to hang the hats on but some fell off (NOT NUCH THINKING INVOLVED).
anyway i would reccomend waiting until baby is a toddler & is steady on his feet before taking him anywhere like this.

Tanya, had 3 boys under 26 months

ive had my daughter in both the day care that i had her in lied to us face to face she picked up the wrong unch box as my girlks have the same no fights that way but as the oldest one was having a lunch order there was no food in it they made her sit ib front of all the other kids while they ate but didnt give her anything to eat they say they rang us but we were home and so was every one else on the contact list so they never rang

in family day care '
she was picked on singled out always had headlice when you spoke to her carer it was all my daughters fault on her last day there i did her hairwith the fine tooth comb i got nothing but 11 am i had the phone call come get her i walk all the kids are strachintg there heads like mad but only my daughter was sent home for it i asked her on a number of days to ask the other parents to check there kids hair she told me there were coming from my daughter and that she cant ask the other parents to check there hair


Hi there i have just pulled my son out of his daycare centre as he seemed to always be sick all the time.. I find that a home based day care is alot better as they dont have as many children around and not as many grems floating in the air...My other two older children seemed to have been fine so i am currently looking for a home based one for my lillte one..Hope that helps at all..
Cheers Gill
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