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Hi everyone,
i was looking at slings for baby today, and also at the harness (baby bjorn, etc) and was wondering if anyone had a preference, or had trouble with either one??? i think the sling looks more comfortable for both of us, but DF is concerned that it doesnt't look like it would be most secure. Any opinions or advice???

personally i like the sling as it didnt hurt my back as much as the harness but it really is a personal choice.... i know alot of women who swear by the sling
I have both, used the harness for Ds and the sling for DD
Go the sling, so much more comfortable, easier on the back, and you can use it for so much longer, as a hip support.
The harnesses are so fiddley, I found it was harder to get DS in and out.
He he I remember I had DD in the sling as a newborn, she was all curled up laying down and people were surprised I had a baby in there, they thought it was a hand bag!

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I have used and like them both. I found that the sling hurt my neck by the end of the day if I wore it in the wrong spot.
Hi there,

i had both, i liked the idea of the sling, but found the harness to be so much more practical. I also felt it was more secure, but it is a personal choice as a previous poster said.

I only had a harness but now I wish I had a sling cos they can be used for longer, the average max weight for harness are bout 10kg and I personally would of liked more use out of it. I think DD would of been fine if she could see what was going on and with her teething and being ultra clingy during that time it would be handy.
I found the harness gave me a bit of a backache...
It was good when she was little but as I said I would of liked to try a sling....
Each to their own I guess...


Don't buy a sling. I'll give Fiona mine to lend you, Madi's too big now but can I have it back when ur done (for next bubba)? I'll give u instruction dvd. called hugabub sling - very comfy smile Let Fee know if you want it and I'll hand it on!!
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I had both and found that I could use the babybjorn a lot longer that the sling !!
Luke was a big bub and found the sling hurt my back and he grew out of it faster ....the sling was great cause he could use it up to 10 kg adn then face teh other way when we were at the markets and stuf !!
I found the sling a lot more useful when bub was very small. I then used the baby carrier when DS was a lot older (ie. 6 months plus). If I was to choose between the two, I preferred the sling for comfort (me & bub).

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